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The reunion

Christine and Johnny meet in Pennsylvania for an emotional reunion. They haven't seen each other since Christine was a baby.

Johnny Semaganis and his younger sister, Christine Cameron, reunite for the first time in 45 years. The last time they saw each other was when they were apprehended by social workers when Christine was a baby and Johnny was 11 years old.

(Ousama Farag/CBC News)

Christine and Johnny enjoy a quiet moment following a rainstorm while reuniting at a friend's farm near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

(Ousama Farag/CBC News)

Johnny, Christine and Johnny's foster sister, Erika, share a laugh as they discuss the siblings' shared mannerisms and resemblances.

(Ousama Farag/CBC News)

Johnny and Christine reconnect some more in person the day after their reunion.

(Jennifer Fowler/CBC News)

Three of Cleo's cousins drove from Saskatchewan to Pennsylvania to join the reunion with Johnny and Christine.

From left to right: Christine Cameron, Geraldine Semaganis, Wilma Semaganis, Johnny Semaganis and Sandra Ranville. (Ousama Farag/CBC News)

Christine listens to retired Evesham Police officer John Wainwright describe his recollection of the investigation into Cleo's death. On December 22, 1978 Wainwright (pictured with his wife, Joan, on the left) was the first officer to respond to the emergency call at Cleo's home in Marlton, New Jersey.

(Connie Walker/CBC News)

Cleo's cousins pay their respects and make an offering at her grave in Medford, New Jersey.

(Connie Walker/CBC News)

Christine and Connie read Cleo's handwritten letters at the Evesham Police Department in Marlton, New Jersey.

(Marnie Luke/CBC)



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