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See the photo of Cleo at the centre of the investigation, the siblings that have been searching for years and the mother they were taken away from.


The photo at the centre of the investigation. This is the only proof Cleo's siblings have had of her existence for decades. 

Undated photo of Cleopatra Nicotine Semaganis. (Provided by the Semaganis family)


Below Christine Cameron holds a portrait of how she imagines her sister, Cleo, would look today. 

(Jennifer Fowler/CBC)


Below is an undated photo of Johnny Semaganis, Cleo's older brother. He last saw her in the mid-1970's when social workers drove them in separate cars to say goodbye to each other.

(Provided by the family)

Johnny now lives near Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he was adopted after leaving Little Pine First Nation, Saskatchewan in 1974. 

(Marnie Luke/CBC)

April and Annette

Cleo's younger sisters April and Annette were adopted by a Toronto family in 1974, not long after the photo below was taken.

(Marnie Luke/CBC)

April's homemade dream catchers fill the walls of her apartment.

Cleo's birth year, 1965, is finally revealed in an old adoption record sent to Annette's family in 1974.


Below are two undated photos of Lillian Semaganis, Cleo, Christine, Johnny, April and Annette's biological mother. Her six children were apprehended during the Sixties Scoop and adopted into non-Indigenous families.

(Provided by the family)
Kent Monkman's painting "The Scream" which Johnny and Connie discuss in Episode 3. (Kent Monkman)