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Christine and Connie read Cleo’s handwritten letters to her best friend at the Evesham Police Department in Marlton, New Jersey.

Christine and Connie read Cleo's handwritten letters at the Evesham Police Department in Marlton, New Jersey. The letters, written to Cleo's best friend in 1978, in the weeks and days leading up to her death, were saved in the police's investigative files.

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)

One of Cleo's letters, dated December 10, 1978, just 12 days before she died, refers to a man named "Barry" who was later interviewed by police.

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)

A drawing found in Cleo's police file shows the album cover artwork her best friend designed for a rock band the pair hoped to form one day.

(Marnie Luke/CBC News)

A 1977 yearbook photo of Louise Musetti and Ruth Horn, Cleo's grade 8 teachers. Both were interviewed by police in the days after her death. Miss Horn said Cleo had tried to run away from home at least twice, and that she was desperate to get back to her family in Canada.

Louise Musetti is on the left and Ruth Horn is on the right. (Image provided by Ruth Horn Redes)

In the police file, a December 27, 1978 interview with teacher Louise Musetti, reveals Cleo's longing to return to Canada. 

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Christine reflects on her journey in a Facebook post shortly after meeting her brother and discovering the truth about Cleo.

(Christine Cameron/Facebook)



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