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Steve Wadhams on 42-years of doc making and 'winkling out what makes someone tick'

For the first time in 42 years, CBC is Wadhams­-less. That’s right, Steve Wadhams the internationally­-renowned producer, doc maker, mentor and friend has retired. Steve is one of the industry's best. With a brain for sound and stories like none other, his work has broken molds and inspired many.
Steve Wadhams in the archives at CBC's Canadian Broadcast Centre in Toronto. (Andrew Budziak)

Steve Wadhams
For the first time in 42 years, CBC is Wadhams­-less. That's right, Steve Wadhams the internationally­-renowned producer, doc maker, mentor and friend has retired. Steve is one of the industry's best. With a brain for sound and stories like none other, his work has broken molds and inspired many.

Starting at As It Happens in 1974, Steve has been a part of many programs here at CBC. From traveling the world with Sunday Morning to helping first-time doc makers craft original stories with Outfront. And, he's also been a key member of our mentorship team here at The Doc Project.

The Orwell Tapes ­ 

In our online version of Steve's interview we talk about one of his last projects, The Orwell Tapes for CBC's Ideas​: 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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His work has been honoured with top prizes around the globe, including a Prix Italia and at the New York Festivals, grand prizes, golds, silvers and bronzes. While we are happy to see him set out on his next adventure, it's hard to say goodbye to such a bold doc maker and kind guy. Many of us are feeling a little low knowing we can't wander over to his office for advice or a laugh. So what better way to celebrate a great documentary maker than with a doc.

Freelance producer Veronica Simmonds was tasked with the job of telling this storyteller's story. Her documentary is called, The Idea of Wadhams.