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This Montreal psychic claims to find missing kids and pets

Psychic Robert Lindblad spends his days looking for missing children and missing pets, free of charge.

Robert Lindblad says every living thing has its own "vibration"

Psychic Robert Lindblad claims he can locate missing children and pets anywhere in the world. Last year, he helped a woman locate her missing dog in Oregon and a Montreal couple find their cat. (Alison Cook/CBC)

By Alison Cook

One Saturday evening last June, Guillaume Forget and Geneviève Fortin arrived home late, after a day spent on their new boat. When they opened the door, their cat, Titite, slipped out. By the time they went to bed, they thought the cat had come back inside. But the next morning, they realized Titite was missing.

The couple searched their neighbourhood –  Rosemont, in Montreal's east end – and put up posters, to no avail.

Guillaume Forget and Geneviève Fortin put up this poster of Titite, offering a reward, around their neighbourhood of Rosemont, in Montreal's east end. (Submitted by Geneviève Fortin)
A few days later, Robert Lindblad knocked on their door. Lindblad was going door-to-door, selling his home-made music CDs. Hoping that Lindblad might spot the cat while he was walking around the neighbourhood, Forget gave him a photo of Titite. But to his surprise, Lindblad told him he would take the picture home, instead.

Later that night, Lindblad phoned Forget back, with a tip. He said the cat was three blocks away. The couple went and looked. Titite wasn't there. But two nights later, when they still hadn't found their cat, Forget and Fortin decided to return.

Before leaving their house, Geneviève Fortin sent Lindblad an email, asking him if he knew where the cat was now, but she didn't hear anything back.

Fortin, left, and Forget show the location where they found their lost cat, Titite. It was the location Lindblad had told them to go to, two nights earlier. (Alison Cook/CBC)
This time, when they arrived at the place Lindblad had previously told them to go, their cat was there.
Titite when she was found by her owners. (Submitted by Geneviève Fortin)

But what happened next was even stranger. When the couple arrived home with Titite, Lindblad had just emailed Fortin with a reply, telling her that he "sensed" the cat behind their house.

"What I found fabulous was that he sensed her here," says Guillaume Forget. "I really believe he has some psychic power. I don't really believe in these things.

But after this, my perspective might have changed."

Pro Bono Psychic

Robert Lindblad describes himself as a psychic. He claims to be able to find missing children and missing pets, anywhere in the world, a service he offers free of charge.

"I just basically concentrate on a photo of a missing child or even just a name I can just have a name and everything comes to me," he says.

Since 1991, Lindblad has devoted his life to doing this. That was the year he says he discovered he had the ability to find things.  

Lindblad's pendulum, which is made of amethyst. (Alison Cook/CBC)
It all began when his friend Gilbert Girio taught him how to use a pendulum.

A pendulum is a weighted object on the end of a cord or chain.  In Lindblad's case, it's an amethyst. The way the pendulum swings is interpreted to answer certain questions.

Girio says he had been trying to learn how to work a pendulum himself, but without much success. But when he showed Lindblad, he says he picked it up right away.

"I was able to get him to leave the living room and then I would hide something, and he'd walk back in and to an incredible level, he was able to find these things.

"I can't really speak to the fact as to whether he's a psychic or not.  But when it comes to finding things, that's a pretty material provable kind of talent," says Girio. "He is a dowser. He is a diviner."

Lindblad uses a divining stick. (Alison Cook/CBC)
​Lindblad promotes his services as a psychic when he goes door-to-door, selling his CDs, as well as on his website, Childsearchpsychic.

He claims to have solved 54 000 cases since he began, a number that even Gilbert Girios has trouble with.

"I think he is exaggerating. But regardless he has found many, many, you know. He has a very very high success rate."

Lindblad does encounter his fair share of skeptics when he goes door to door.

One person said 'I think you need professional help'. And I just laughed. And one lady actually screamed. I said I'm a psychic and she said 'ahh!', and she shut the door.- Robert Lindblad

"One person said 'I think you need professional help'. And I just laughed. And one lady actually screamed. I said I'm a psychic and she said 'ahh!', and she shut the door."

But Lindblad also encounters people like Titite's owners, Guillaume Forget and Geneviève Fortin, who he succeeds in winning over.  

And more people than you might expect are open minded to people like Lindblad.

More than three-quarters of Canadians believe that certain things that happen on Earth cannot be explained by science, according to a 2016 Angus Reid poll. And nearly half of Canadians – including the majority of women – believe some people have psychic powers that enable them to predict future events.

International Clients

Lisa Lieberman is the owner of a Dachshund-Yorkie mix called Lucy. She and her husband, Craig, live in Lake Oswego, just outside of Portland, Oregon, in the U.S.

Lieberman's husband has Multiple Sclerosis, and is a quadriplegic. He is extremely attached to Lucy, so when the dog went missing last December, it made the local news – which is how Robert Lindblad found out about it.

Lisa Lieberman's husband, Craig, has multiple sclerosis and is a quadriplegic. He's very attached to their dog, which went missing last December. Lieberman says she found Lucy with Lindblad's help. (Submitted by Lisa Lieberman)
​Lindblad phoned Lieberman, and left a message, offering to help.

"He told me that he searched for lost pets and lost people, 24 hour service, free of charge, so of course I figured we have nothing to lose," says Lieberman.

The two connected, and agreed to speak again in the morning. But later that night, Lieberman received a call from someone who had spotted Lucy, about 6 kms from her place. Lieberman immediately called back Lindblad, and he agreed to help.

Lucy is a dachshund-yorkie mix. (Submitted by Lisa Lieberman)
Lieberman drove to where the dog had been sighted, and phoned Lindblad from there. Lindblad then told her where to go, directing her to specific streets and addresses.

At first, the search did not go well. Lindblad gave Lieberman two address, but the dog was not to be found at either. When Lindblad gave her another address, which would involve taking three turns and driving almost a kilometer, Lieberman says she started to feel like she was being scammed.

"I got a little annoyed and I said 'Robert that's really far. How could she have traveled that far?' He said 'No, it's 600 feet.' He was absolutely right, because there was that little pathway at the end of the dead end to the next street. So for Lucy it was nothing.'

Lieberman says that within 10 minutes she turned a corner and Lucy was there – but the dog took flight. From there, Lindblad directed Lieberman to another street. Again the dog was there, before disappearing. Finally, Lindblad directed the dog owner to an intersection, where Lucy was flushed out by a passing car. This time, Lieberman was able to catch her.

Lieberman's husband is reunited with Lucy. (Submitted by Lisa Lieberman)
Lieberman says if it hadn't been for Robert Lindblad, she is not sure she would have ever found Lucy.

"Three different times he told me where she was, and she was right there," says Lieberman. "Now you want to say that's a coincidence. I don't think so."

Official figures

Montreal police will not comment on Robert Lindblad, or any individual psychic.

But André Durocher, an inspector with Montreal police communications, says they are bound to investigate when someone provides them with information.

"Whether the information comes from a psychic or from any concerned citizen, for us it is treated equally," says Durocher.

"Could you imagine if we were to ignore any information given, and it would turn out to be helpful or useful in finding a suspect or a missing person?"

However, over the approximately 40 years that Durocher verified, psychics have not solved any cases in Montreal.

So far we have not been able to recover a body, a suspect or anything so far with the tips from psychics.- André Durocher, Montreal police

"So far we have not been able to recover a body, a suspect or anything so far with the tips from psychics," he says.

"But if talking to someone makes them feel good, you know, again who are we to judge?" Durocher asks.

And feeling good may be exactly how Robert Lindblad makes his believers feel.  According to researchers at the University of Chicago, people who believe in psychic abilities score higher on life satisfaction.

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About the Producer

Alison Cook is an award-winning radio producer, documentary maker and editor. For 17 years she produced CBC's C'est la vie. She is also a contributor to Ideas, winning a Gold Medal at the New York Festivals for her documentary "A Just Life." Alison got her start in journalism at Australian Associated Press. But an encounter on a kibbutz in Israel changed all her plans, spurring a move to Canada. She now calls Montreal, and The Doc Project, home. You can follow her on Twitter @cookali

How I met Robert Lindblad

I have a confession. I don't answer the doorbell, unless I am expecting someone. But one day last spring, on a whim, I did answer. And standing there on my doorstep was Robert Lindblad.

The first thing out of his mouth was that he was a psychic who finds missing children and missing pets. He was selling his home-made CDs to pay for his work as a psychic, which he does for free.

For a documentary maker, it was a gift. I had never met a psychic, and was curious to know more. So I took his phone number, and we arranged to speak later.

Acey Rowe's Pomeranian, Biff. (Submitted by Acey Rowe)
It was in the course of that interview, that I connected Robert Lindblad with host Acey Rowe, to see if he could give her any answers about her missing Pomeranian, Biff. You can hear that experiment by clicking the Listen link at the top of this page.

That meeting was the beginning of a strange journey, that made me question (but never abandon) my deeply held skepticism.