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We're looking for distinctly human stories that reveal how connected we are. If you're a Canadian reporter, producer or doc maker with a deeper story to tell, get in touch!

We are currently accepting pitches! Please take a read below before submitting anything. 

We may be a bit slow in getting back to you. If your story is time-sensitive, please let us know in the pitch form (link at bottom of page).

If you're a CBC reporter/producer or a Canadian audio freelancer with a deeper story to tell, pitch us!

Every show we put to air is the result of extensive collaboration with the Doc Project team. Regardless of your experience level, expect to work closely with a Doc Project editor or co-producer. 

You may also want to check out the CBC Radio Doc Mentorship Program. This program pairs less experienced radio doc producers with established CBC doc editors at a number of shows across the CBC Radio One network, including The Doc Project. 

The links you'll need to pitch to us are at the bottom of this page, but please spend some time first reading about our show and what we look for in pitches.

We do not acquire completed documentaries.  

Show mission statement

The Doc Project is where you'll hear the story you can't stop thinking about. Our original documentaries are Canadian in focus, universal in scope. Every week, we bring you high-stakes storytelling at its most artful and human — stories that dive deeper, revealing our shared humanity.

Show pillars

Though our show airs many different kinds of stories, every one needs to include the following criteria, as will your pitch:

  • Personal — Our stories are rooted in a main character or a few main characters. Personal experiences and narrative arc. Not issue-first documentaries or talking heads.
  • Context — We tell original, character-driven stories that zoom out to explore larger historical, political, scientific, and social issues in Canada. Think of this as a second layer to your character's story that is deeply rooted in their experience. 
  • Surprising — We haven't heard this story before, or told this way before. We haven't heard this voice before. Something unexpected will happen.
  • Contemporary — Both treatment and content. Our stories sound like now, and something in the documentary is unfolding in the present. 
  • Canadian — We represent Canada in all its geographic and cultural diversity. Our stories have a strong Canadian tie and a strong sense of place. 

How to focus your pitch

Before pitching to us, we'd ask that you look at this video of CBC Radio executive producer Iris Yudai explaining how to pitch a radio documentary. 

What does a good pitch look like?

Here is an example of a good pitch from producer Sasha Campeau, which did all of the above, and made it to air:

Sasha Campeau's successful pitch. (With notes by Doc Project editor, Alison Cook)

Sasha Campeau's completed documentary can be heard here.

How to pitch

Please fill out our pitch form. The Doc Project team reviews pitches on a bi-weekly basis.

                                                    DOC PROJECT PITCH FORM

If you're a freelancer who we've never worked with before, please fill out our freelancer questionnaire as well, so we can get to know a bit more about you and your experience.

                                     DOC PROJECT FREELANCER QUESTIONNAIRE

Thanks very much for pitching to the show!