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Caring for My Mother

Ash Abraham goes on a journey to understand her mentally ill mother. And Graham Isador's relationship with his mother changes forever.

Two stories of children and their mothers

Ash with her Ma (left) before Ash's wedding rehearsal in Rockport, Ont. 2011. Ash's mother has untreated schizoaffective disorder with psychosis. (Ash Abraham)

Ever since Ash Abraham was a little girl, something has been wrong with her mother. She behaved oddly, did things no one else did, like bringing a suitcase with her everywhere — even to church. Now, Ash wants to find out what's wrong with her "Ma" and what, if anything, she can do to help her.

When he was 21, Graham Isador sat in a hospital room with his wheelchair-bound mother and his comatose dad. That day his role as a son changed forever.