Making great audio: How to stay focused and inspired

We turned the mics on some of the most creative and talented audio producers in Toronto to find out where they discover stories, and how they stay inspired.

We turned the mics on some of the most creative and talented audio producers in Toronto to find out where they discover stories, and how they stay inspired. 

Featured in the video

Veronica Simmonds is a sound­-oriented media hustler. Her radio documentaries have aired on CBC Spark, ABC RN Soundproof, PRX's Public Radio Remix and BBC 4 Short Cuts. Her doc Dr. Clock was a finalist for the Prix Italia. She also hosts a bizarro show called Braidio where she braids hair live on air. Due to her deep love of the internet, Veronica also makes interactive documentaries. She won a National Community Radio Award for a project she produced in collaboration with Halifax Public Libraries. She also birthed a parallax­ internet-water­baby with collaborator Katie McKay, called Body of Water. Veronica lives in Toronto and currently works at Coach House Books.

Josh Bloch is a CBC radio producer at The Current. He was the co­-host of the CBC radio show How To Do It and is currently working on a new radio program, The Life Game -­ a re-telling of people's life stories live on stage with the help of improv actors. Josh's radio documentaries have aired on CBC's The Current and Ideas. His documentary on the art of the apology won a New York Radio Festival award in 2015. 

Pacinthe Mattar is a producer at The Current. She began at CBC Newsworld in 2009, and joined CBC Radio's As It Happens in the thick of Egypt's 2011 revolution. She has called Toronto, Dubai, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia home. She is a proud aunt to two magical nieces. 

Chris Trowbridge has been a producer at CBC Radio One with the award­-winning program Day 6 since its launch. Chris has worked in TV and radio on programs including q, The Hour with George StroumboulopoulosSexTV, and MuchNews. He got his start in radio as the program director of Halifax's CKDU.  

Chris Berube is an associate producer at CBC Radio One, currently assigned to the arts and culture show q. His work has been featured on national CBC shows like World Report and DNTO. Chris has produced segments for public radio shows in the United States, including Radiolab, Bullseye and Marketplace, and he's written for publications like The New York Times, The Walrus and The Globe and Mail.


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