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'All in the Family' — five storytellers tell tales of families both biological and chosen

From crashing your own dad's funeral, to helping your divorced mom navigate online dating, to the grandmother that drove you crazy, these are stories from across the country about family.

The Doc Project teamed up with Replay Storytelling for a live holiday Zoom show

Five people with the Replay Storytelling show share stories about family for a special holiday partnership with The Doc Project. From left to right: Collette Micks, Veronica Antipolo, Yaw Attuah, Nisha Coleman, Chris Graham. (Submitted by Paul Aflalo)

To celebrate, or at least mark, the end of this bizarre year, we wanted to offer up something we've all been missing out on: live performances, concerts and theatre.

Replay Storytelling is a monthly storytelling show based in Toronto, and they focus on true stories from lived experiences. When the pandemic hit, instead of shuttering, they went online.

On Dec. 10, The Doc Project teamed up with Replay Storytelling for our first live Zoom show! 

Here are a few excerpts from those stories. Be sure to listen to the entire episode at the link above.

All in the Family

Nisha Coleman is an award winning storyteller and writer from Montreal, now living in Ottawa. A few years ago, she discovered firsthand the unexpected ways family can arrive in your life, at Christmas of all times.

Meeting my Mom's New Boyfriend

25 days agoVideo
Dating takes extra time when you're a 50-year-old woman living in a rural swamp area, says Nisha Coleman. 0:54

Veronica Antipolo is a storyteller, comedian, and the co-founder of Mosaic Untold Lives, a platform on which Women of Colour share their personal stories.

My Filipino Grandmother and Me

25 days agoVideo
Veronica Antipolo says her grandmother, Nanay, doesn't seem like what a lady should be. 1:01

Yaw Attuah is a comedian, writer and personal trainer, which tells you he's a guy who likes a mix of words and action. His story is about how sometimes actions are louder than words, and other times just a few words can say so much.

My Dad's Surprising Compliment

25 days agoVideo
Yaw Attuah's dad wasn't big on complimenting his kids. 1:52

Collette Micks is an actor. You might have seen her in shows like Murdoch Mysteries, Degrassi, and Suddenly, Sadie. She also teaches storytelling at The Second City in Toronto.  But growing up in Montreal, Collette was never sure her acting dream was going to work out. Her parents, especially her headstrong mother, were tepid at best about her plans.

My Mom Keeps Cleaning my Apartment

25 days agoVideo
Whenever Collette Micks' mom would visit, she would tell her, "Mom, please don't clean anything." 0:52

Chris Graham is a recovering lawyer-turned-historian. He now helps others communicate better and with empathy through His relationship with his mother is built on mutual love, and unidirectional humiliation.

Underwear Shopping with my Mom

25 days agoVideo
Chris Graham shares his birthday tradition of going shopping for underwear with his mom. 1:37

About the producer
Paul Aflalo (Chris Mackenzie)

Paul Aflalo is a storyteller, documentary filmmaker, radio and podcast producer. He's the artistic director of Replay Storytelling, and the founder of the world's first 24-hour True Storytelling Festival. He also makes the best lasagne.

This episode was co-produced and edited by Acey Rowe.

Replay Storytelling is produced by Emily Poulin, Zebulon Pike and Paul Aflalo.


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