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The Doc Project is where you'll hear the story you can't stop thinking about. Our original documentaries are Canadian in focus, universal in scope. Every week, we bring you high-stakes storytelling at its most artful and human — deeper stories that reveal our shared humanity.

The Doc Project on CBC Radio. Stories that dive deeper.

Our documentaries have won awards at the New York Festivals and the Gabriels. We have been finalists for CAJ (Canadian Association of Journalists) and RTDNA (Radio Television Digital News Association) Canada awards.

Our 2017 original summer series, Up Close, was the recipient of a CBC President's Award for Relevance.   

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Our show pillars:

  • Great story
  • Shared humanity
  • Specific but universal
  • Powerful
  • Surprising
  • Character-driven
  • True
  • Riveting
  • Curious
  • Cool


Acey Rowe is an award-winning radio producer with one eclectic resume. She's landed an airplane, did a stint on a reality show, and biked 2,100 kilometres and lived to tell the tale.

Hailing from Gatineau, Quebec, she got her start in broadcasting co-hosting the afternoon drive on 103.9 PROUD FM in Toronto, the world's first LGBTQ commercial station. From there, she joined the CBC as a producer for DNTO in Winnipeg, where she told stories and helped other people tell theirs.

Acey's work has also been featured on The Current, q, Podcast Playlist, Tapestry, Day 6, Now or Never, and the BBC. 

She holds a BA in Radio and Television Arts with a minor in English from Ryerson University. 



Jennifer Warren, Senior Producer 

A few weeks after joining CBC Montreal in 2010, Jennifer decided it would be no big deal to do a food documentary series for Quebec's weekend morning show. She had never produced audio before. Soon, she found herself crouched in a bathroom with hunks of aging pork hanging above her head, trying to stop the toilet from running so she could get a good interview with a home meat-curer.

Like the meat, she was hooked. 

Alison Cook, Producer

Alison Cook is an award-winning radio producer and documentary maker.

She got her start in journalism at Australian Associated Press. But an encounter on a kibbutz in Israel changed all her plans, spurring a move to Canada and a crash course in French.

For almost two decades, Alison produced CBC's C'est la vie, from Montreal. 

Since 2016 she has been a producer, editor and mentor at The Doc Project.

She is also an ongoing contributor to Ideas. 


Julia Pagel, Producer  (on leave)

For Julia Pagel, making radio creates a chance to explore the world, and weasel her way into new places.

She got her start at CBC Radio while in Whitehorse, where she made a story about a group of kids and a wonderful canoe trip. She then moved to Halifax, telling stories about secret backyard restaurants and employment scams. In Banff she produced stories about rock climbers and National Park politics. 

Coming back home to Toronto, she turned her focus to the national and international world while working at shows like As It Happens and q. At The Doc Project she's proud to be supporting the creation of strange and boundary-pushing documentary.


Althea Manasan, Digital Producer

Althea is a Digital Producer for CBC Radio, where she makes web content for national radio shows. She's been at the CBC since graduating from Ryerson's journalism program many moons ago, bouncing around from online news, to TV news and now to her home in the radio department. 

When she's not digital producing, she directs short films, including documentaries.


Tanara McLean, Producer

Tanara McLean is a producer and journalist based at CBC Edmonton. She grew up in Red Deer, and has spent her entire career in Alberta, working in print, radio and television.


Shari Okeke, Producer

Shari Okeke is an award-winning storyteller and podcast creator.

After completing her master's degree she started out at the London Free Press, then landed a job at CBC Television in Toronto — which involved changing ink cartridges in printers and delivering faxes to producers!

She soon returned home to Montreal where she's been storytelling for local and national CBC programs on TV, on radio and online.

While interviewing teens for her weekly features on Daybreak Montreal, Shari came up with the idea to create CBC's Mic Drop. She has co-produced two seasons of the award-winning podcast, which is now part of TRAX from PRX,  a network specially designed for 9–13-year-olds.

Shari's eager to bring her passion for featuring young and underrepresented voices to The Doc Project. 


Kent Hoffman, Producer

Kent Hoffman has worn many different hats at CBC Radio working on many programs including Spark, White Coat Black ArtOutfront and As It Happens. His radio philosophy is the same as the late Eddie Van Halen's music philosophy: If it sounds good — it is good.


Andrew Friesen, Producer

Andrew is a prairie boy at heart, proudly based on Treaty 1 territory in Winnipeg.

He started his radio career as an intern with DNTO, where, after refusing to leave, he went on to produce a handful of award-winning docs and episodes. He's the creator of the CBC podcasts New Fire and Head to Toe, and a founding producer of CBC Radio's Now or Never.

When he's not gathering audio, you can find him at dance parties with his husband or walking their tiny dog Richie.