From breakup to 'fake-up': How a changing Yukon River is reshaping an age-old ice bridge

During the winter, residents of Dawson City use an ice bridge to connect the communities on either side of the Yukon River. But the river hasn't been freezing like it used to, threatening to cut off an already-isolated West Dawson from the rest of the community.

I'm pretty confident as a TV anchor, but I'm sweating bullets as a standup comic

Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco talks to audiences for a living. So why is telling jokes so terrifying? For the sake of journalism, he's about to find out.

This photo was taken 100 days before my mom fled Iran for good

Zarrin Mohyeddin bitterly opposed the Iranian Revolution from the start. Finally, she has the photo to prove it

'We could never let go': Divorced couple remarries on husband's deathbed

When Joanne and Bob Wotherspoon married in 1987, Joanne knew she was in for a “wild” ride, but never anticipated she’d be remarrying her husband three decades later on his deathbed.

There's a uniquely Korean word for rage and regret. So why had I never heard of it?

Eunice Kim came to Canada from Korea when she was five years old, but had never heard of the term 'han,' sometimes referred to as "Korean rage."

A 500-pound piano's about to go through this guy's window, thanks to 'Doctor Piano'

Patrick Kahn did what anyone in Halifax does when they need a piano moved, tuned, or in any way serviced: He called Doctor Piano, aka Gary Trenholm, who learned piano tuning at the Halifax School for the Blind.

Move over, tap-dancing tots. This mom's storming the stage

Learning to tap dance as an adult, Nola Keeler insists that moving your body is a use-it-or-lose-it game — and one she intends to win for as long as possible.

Motherhood: stories told through song and ink

Ah yes, mothers. Our greatest supports and greatest critics. This week, we have two stories about the bonds between a mother and child, with all their strengths and flaws.

After coming to Canada for a better life, my aunt spent 30 years sewing in a basement

Pascal Huynh's aunt, Thi Dung Nguyen, didn't speak French or English when she immigrated to Quebec with her family. With a strict husband and bills to pay, her Canadian dream soon became a nightmare.
Point of View

Terry or Turkish? One man's quest for the ultimate towelling experience

After the horrors of terrycloth are revealed to Tom Howell by an enigmatic poet-salesman, a new paradigm emerges.

This exoskeleton shows people with spinal cord injuries what it's like to walk again

Meet three people who have a new outlook on life, thanks to one wearable, shareable robot.

This 12-year-old stand-up comic learned the ropes from his mom

A few months after Dawn Lavand started performing stand-up comedy, her son, Zachary Coffin, decided he wanted to give it a try. Now the pair are turning heads in Winnipeg's comedy scene.

How my dad's nurse turned him into a gay ally

Bob Kerr could never convince his dad that homosexuality was okay. Then a tattooed nurse named Terry came along.

Why parents with disabilities often become advocates for themselves — and their kids

Parents living with disabilities like Kai Black and Wendy Porch say they're often forced to become their own advocates when institutions like the education or health-care systems aren't able or prepared to accommodate them.

Camilla Gibb had heard from her father once in 30 years — and then the hospital called

"I believe I am taking care of your father." When award-winning author Camilla Gibb heard from a hospital across the country, it reawakened a fear she had been fighting for a lifetime.

This family of five lives in a laundry room, a sign of Nunavut's housing crisis

Brenda Maniapik and her children are among the thousands of Nunavut residents living in overcrowded conditions.

'I would say I'm a doctor of the resistance' — one Venezuelan refugee's fight for his people

José, a Venezuelan doctor, fled to Canada under the threat of death - all for trying to save the lives of those caught in the crossfire of a country in turmoil.

My 90-year-old grandmother's secret to happiness? Just smile and keep looking up

Veronica Simmonds wants to know the secret to her Grandma Judy's unflappable positivity.

My discount dentist found a tooth behind my nose. Things went downhill from there

Kate Burnham's troubles began when she Googled "cheap to free dentistry."

'Like a cooked tomato': Why drinking can feel isolating when you have 'Asian glow'

For Samantha Lui, drinking has led to embarrassing situations because her face turns bright red.

This 80-year-old is smoking weed for the first time — with a little help from his grandson

Thomas Goldhar and his Zaidy Moe have always had a special bond. So Thomas is giving him the gift of newly legalized weed for his 80th birthday.

3 student journalists interview their parents, unlocking secrets to long-lasting love

Armed with a tape recorder, three university students interview their parents about how they fell in love, proposed, and have stayed together.

There's a new medieval warrior in Whitehorse

Faced with a leg amputation barely into his 20s, Yukoner Steve Pearson has had more than his share of challenges. But he's ready to prove that those very same challenges have primed him for medieval combat on the world stage.

'My best friend, my confidant and my hype person': This musician's Valentine to their saxophone

Nick Dourado, a Halifax-based musician, writes a very special love letter to his soul mate.

For this prospecting couple, true love is worth its weight in gold

Competitive gold panners Marty Yanishewski and Renee White found love at the top of their sluice box.

There's a new medieval warrior in Whitehorse

Faced with a leg amputation barely into his 20s, Yukoner Steve Pearson has had more than his share of challenges. But he's ready to prove that those very same challenges have primed him for medieval combat on the world stage.