How my middle-aged buddy went from broke to joining his hero's band

D.O.A. — Canada's original punk band — was hiring.

Living with the same disease that took her baby sister, this woman's fighting back

Sickle cell disease was a powerful bond between Beverly and Andrea Ndukwu, until it ripped them apart.

'It holds all the culture': How a Syrian man reclaimed his prized collection of ouds

After Syria's civil war uprooted his life, Radwan Altaleb fled for Canada, leaving behind his most prized possession: his collection of ouds, a stringed instrument, which he characterizes as 'the grandfather' of the lute, mandolin and guitar.
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A recipe for grieving: After my mother died, I cooked to keep my family together

Toula Nikas's mother, Maria, held her family together through food. But after she died, no one could even bring themselves to turn on the stove — until Toula took matters into her own hands.

The mincemeat memorial — how I remember my dad at Christmas

On Jennifer Warren's first Christmas without her dad, she picked up one of his favourite traditions

Amazing Grace: Three recipes from Grace Bagnato

Grace Bagnato's legacy runs deep — and her recipes are no exception. Especially her famous meatballs.

'Mother of the world': How Grace Bagnato helped Toronto's early immigrant community navigate the courts

Grace Bagnato, a one-woman ad hoc immigrant settlement agency in early 20th century Toronto, and Ontario’s first female Italian-Canadian court interpreter, flips the script on who should be remembered from history.

'There was no love:' Child migrants sent to Canada as young as 7 still asking why

Inside the boarding school that was home to 329 children between 1935 and 1951 —and how it changed their lives forever

At 11, I left Korea with one name. I arrived in Canada with another

Jennifer Yoon was Yae Gi Yoon when she got on the plane. That all changed when she watched Friends during the flight.

How my epic fail of a preteen makeover made me a star. Sort of.

When Jennifer Warren's Grade 6 haircut went horribly awry, it led to an even more disastrous theatrical debut.

Uprooted by their partners' work, pipeliner wives 'basically live two lives'

Giving up home and career to follow a partner working the line? For some women, it's the only choice
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This mother got her son heroin to save his life

Mary MacKillop didn't know where her son Danny was, or if he was safe. But when she saw him tagged in a Facebook post, she stopped at nothing to find him.

'Write your stories': The advice that led one woman to coin a new music genre

Inspired by her unique lifestyle, Chelsea Savage has developed a genre she's dubbed "pipeline music."
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Mind-blowing music in attic reveals the life one man locked away

Pat Maloney was a gifted experimental musician in the 1970s, until he suddenly stopped playing entirely.
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Gâteau à l'orange: The story of a recipe that survived the Holocaust

In the Ravensbrück concentration camp, Rebecca Teitelbaum risked her life to write down every recipe she could remember.
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This woman's newfound family is a houseful of strangers in the fight of their lives

At a cancer treatment house 1,300 kilometres from home, Sarah Rosolen is finding strength in sisterhood.
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Lost your pet? This self-described psychic's mission in life is to help you find it

Robert Lindblad's services are purr-fectly legit, swear two different pet owners.
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'I've done a good job when they forget I'm there': The medical worker who strives to be invisible

"We're there to make sure that two people who don't share the same language understand each other."
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How one palliative care doctor strives to communicate the worst news in the best way

Communicating difficult news is Dr. Evan Schneider's stock-in-trade - in a city where 140 languages are spoken.
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As identical twins, we shared everything. Except my eating disorder

I was called the "skinny twin." Brianna stood up for me when classmates made comments about my weight, but even she wasn’t sure what was going on. Now, I want to know - if our DNA is identical, how did this happen? And what effect did it have on us both?
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'I just want to look like myself': For LGBTQ youth, a haircut is more than just a haircut

At the Gender Free Haircut Club, you can get the hair you've always wanted, minus the judgment.
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The lengths one man went to for a beautiful beard

For nearly 20 years, Tej Swatch struggled with the same painful, daily beard grooming routine, until one day he decided he’d had enough.
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In a hospital bed, at 97, my grandmother Patricia was still ahead of her time

Author Ivan Coyote has been misgendered many times over the years, but grandma Patricia was always the one who kept up.
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How early-onset Alzheimer's is forcing me to embrace the moment

At the age of 64, John Alex McDonald received the diagnosis that changed his life, and taught him to live in the present.