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Resistance at the residential school: Survivors recall 3 hours of freedom in little-known riot

One evening 60 years ago, some 100 students at the Edmonton Indian Residential School took control in an all-out act of defiance.
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Is it normal to only know 5 people on your street?

Tom Howell always assumed his street just wasn't very neighbourly. But after he started knocking on doors, he realised he couldn't have been more wrong.

After singing made these Afghan students a target, they made a harrowing escape to Canada

They were an all-female group of singing schoolgirls, putting them at great risk of Taliban reprisal. But volunteers quickly mobilized to get them out.

Why this Toronto firefighter may never know what happened on his puzzling journey across the U.S.

One year ago, Danny Filippidis disappeared during a ski trip in New York and resurfaced days later in California — with little to no memory of how he got there. According to medical experts and the reporter who interviewed him, Filippidis may never regain his memories to piece together exactly what happened.
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My adoptive parents tried to erase my Indigenous identity. They failed.

Kim Wheeler was adopted into a white family during the Sixties Scoop. After years of abuse, she lived to tell the tale of finding her way back to her culture.

'Strong, capable Hutterite runner' takes on the trail — and tradition

"If I am a healthier Elaine, then I am a healthier Hutterite," says Elaine Hofer, even though she struggles with taking time away from her traditional Anabaptist community.

Can you picture things in your head? Well, this guy can't

Tom Ebeyer has aphantasia, the inability to visualize images in the mind. And for the first two decades of his life, he had no idea his brain was different in any way.

This man had a song from his childhood stuck in his head. So he spent a year tracking it down

Driven by a ‘bad case of nostalgia,’ Jordan Verner embarked on a quest to find an obscure series of cassette tapes that he first listened to in his elementary school French class in Thunder Bay, Ont., in the 1990s.

Uprooted by war, this refugee is rebuilding his life in Canada through music

After Syria's civil war uprooted his life, Radwan Altaleb fled for Canada, leaving behind his most prized possession: his collection of ouds, a stringed instrument, which he characterizes as 'the grandfather' of the lute, mandolin and guitar.

Rescue dog's philosophical musings on farm life spread joy online

Leonard the giant Lab mix 'has the heart we all need,' says owner Maureen Wilson. And the pooch's regular pup-dates are all the more amazing when she thinks of how his life could have gone.

There's a uniquely Korean word for rage and regret. So why had I never heard of it?

Eunice Kim came to Canada from Korea when she was five years old, but had never heard of the term 'han,' sometimes referred to as "Korean rage."

How an act of kindness at a Cape Breton beach brought two strangers together

Beulah Chandler was on her favourite Cape Breton beach when she filmed the most beautiful thing: Duncan Gillis, a stranger, helping his ailing wife walk on the beach. Over 37,000 views later, they met and learned how much they had in common.
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I brought the party to my dying father's hospital room

Samira Mohyeddin was determined that her father's final days were going to be anything but drab.

Is a secret gold mine hidden in the B.C. mountains? This treasure hunter says so

Adam Palmer has spent 10 years chasing the tantalizing legend of Slumach's gold — even though it comes with a curse.

A mixed-up phone call led two Anna Marie MacLeans to lifelong friendship

Two women, both named Anna Marie MacLean, were born on opposite sides of the country. But both women say a fateful meeting as teenagers at a performing arts camp in Nova Scotia fundamentally altered the course of their lives.
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I wrote a memoir about my family's secrets. Then I had to move back in with them

After publishing a tell-all memoir about her family’s struggles with undiagnosed mental illness, Lindsay Wong was surprised by their reaction when she moved back in with her parents during the pandemic.

30 years after the start of the Bosnian war, this survivor fears the children in Ukraine will be forgotten

As a teenaged girl, Nadja Halilbegovich lived through the Siege of Sarajevo, before escaping to the U.S. then Canada. She still bears the scars

A mysterious song was stuck in his head for 25 years. So he asked strangers to help him find it

Jordan Verner has spent his entire adult life obsessed with a song he hasn’t heard since he was a child. It was from Dimoitou, a series of cassettes used to teach French in elementary schools across Canada in the '80s and '90s. We join Jordan on his quest to track down the cassettes, and that one elusive song.

From extension cords to a homemade barge, two Edmonton buddies try everything to extract a petrified stump

A pair of hockey dads went to extreme lengths to move a 70 million-year-old petrified tree from the Edmonton river bank to a paleontology museum. Indiana Jones would be proud.
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My parents had an arranged marriage. Now they're helping me find a husband

For years, Pooja Joshi resisted expectations from her family to get married. But now, in her mid-30s, she wants to find a life partner. And after many disappointments on online dating apps, she's embraced a tradition of her Indian heritage and invited her parents to arrange a match for her.
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My relationship with my husband's ex-wife makes me a better mother and person

Julia Lipscombe and her husband's ex-wife and co-parent, Shannon, have a relationship she never anticipated. They are friends, spending time together and supporting each other – and Lipscombe says this has helped their blended family thrive.

These dads are serving time. This program aims to help them connect with their kids

A parenting program for prison dads helps them make the most of their connection to their children, despite the walls between them.
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How shopping for a purse led to a renewed bond with my grandmother

Shimshon Obadia wanted to find the perfect purse to celebrate their decade-long journey of discovering their non-binary identity. Instead, they ended up rediscovering a deep connection with their grandmother
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My family fled Vietnam by boat when I was 4. Now I'm learning the full story through my mother's journals

In 1979, the Skyluck carried 2,700 refugees fleeing Vietnam into the Hong Kong harbour, where they were forced to remain on board for more than four months. Andrew Nguyen and his family were among them. Forty years later, his mother's journals reveal their story.

B.C. woman helps rescue more than 200 asylum seekers in Mediterranean Sea

Amber Sheasgreen, a veteran search and rescue worker from Prince Rupert, B.C., recently led a crew made up mostly of volunteers as they worked to save refugees attempting to make a journey to safety by boat in the central Mediterranean Sea.