This family of five lives in a laundry room, a sign of Nunavut's housing crisis

Brenda Maniapik and her children are among the thousands of Nunavut residents living in overcrowded conditions.
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'I would say I'm a doctor of the resistance' — one Venezuelan refugee's fight for his people

José, a Venezuelan doctor, fled to Canada under the threat of death - all for trying to save the lives of those caught in the crossfire of a country in turmoil.

My 90-year-old grandmother's secret to happiness? Just smile and keep looking up

Veronica Simmonds wants to know the secret to her Grandma Judy's unflappable positivity.

My discount dentist found a tooth behind my nose. Things went downhill from there

Kate Burnham's troubles began when she Googled "cheap to free dentistry."

'Like a cooked tomato': Why drinking can feel isolating when you have 'Asian glow'

For Samantha Lui, drinking has led to embarrassing situations because her face turns bright red.

This 80-year-old is smoking weed for the first time — with a little help from his grandson

Thomas Goldhar and his Zaidy Moe have always had a special bond. So Thomas is giving him the gift of newly legalized weed for his 80th birthday.

3 student journalists interview their parents, unlocking secrets to long-lasting love

Armed with a tape recorder, three university students interview their parents about how they fell in love, proposed, and have stayed together.

There's a new medieval warrior in Whitehorse

Faced with a leg amputation barely into his 20s, Yukoner Steve Pearson has had more than his share of challenges. But he's ready to prove that those very same challenges have primed him for medieval combat on the world stage.

'My best friend, my confidant and my hype person': This musician's Valentine to their saxophone

Nick Dourado, a Halifax-based musician, writes a very special love letter to his soul mate.

For this prospecting couple, true love is worth its weight in gold

Competitive gold panners Marty Yanishewski and Renee White found love at the top of their sluice box.

Why this Toronto firefighter may never know what happened on his puzzling journey across the U.S.

One year ago, Danny Filippidis disappeared during a ski trip in New York and resurfaced days later in California — with little to no memory of how he got there. According to medical experts and the reporter who interviewed him, Filippidis may never regain his memories to piece together exactly what happened.

At this Ontario camp for Palestinian and Jewish teens, friendships are complicated

At Camp Shomria, located an hour outside Ottawa, Israeli teens gather every summer to roast hot dogs, make friendship bracelets, and talk about identity, history, and power.

'It's all worth it,' says couple who lost everything fighting for farm workers

Alberta's Eric Musekamp and Darlene Dunlop have spent 15 years and all their money on farm workers' safety.

How my middle-aged buddy went from broke to joining his hero's band

D.O.A. — Canada's original punk band — was hiring.

Living with the same disease that took her baby sister, this woman's fighting back

Sickle cell disease was a powerful bond between Beverly and Andrea Ndukwu, until it ripped them apart.

'It holds all the culture': How a Syrian man reclaimed his prized collection of ouds

After Syria's civil war uprooted his life, Radwan Altaleb fled for Canada, leaving behind his most prized possession: his collection of ouds, a stringed instrument, which he characterizes as 'the grandfather' of the lute, mandolin and guitar.

A recipe for grieving: After my mother died, I cooked to keep my family together

Toula Nikas's mother, Maria, held her family together through food. But after she died, no one could even bring themselves to turn on the stove — until Toula took matters into her own hands.

The mincemeat memorial — how I remember my dad at Christmas

On Jennifer Warren's first Christmas without her dad, she picked up one of his favourite traditions

Amazing Grace: Three recipes from Grace Bagnato

Grace Bagnato's legacy runs deep — and her recipes are no exception. Especially her famous meatballs.

'Mother of the world': How Grace Bagnato helped Toronto's early immigrant community navigate the courts

Grace Bagnato, a one-woman ad hoc immigrant settlement agency in early 20th century Toronto, and Ontario’s first female Italian-Canadian court interpreter, flips the script on who should be remembered from history.

'There was no love:' Child migrants sent to Canada as young as 7 still asking why

Inside the boarding school that was home to 329 children between 1935 and 1951 —and how it changed their lives forever

At 11, I left Korea with one name. I arrived in Canada with another

Jennifer Yoon was Yae Gi Yoon when she got on the plane. That all changed when she watched Friends during the flight.

How my epic fail of a preteen makeover made me a star. Sort of.

When Jennifer Warren's Grade 6 haircut went horribly awry, it led to an even more disastrous theatrical debut.

Uprooted by their partners' work, pipeliner wives 'basically live two lives'

Giving up home and career to follow a partner working the line? For some women, it's the only choice

There's a new medieval warrior in Whitehorse

Faced with a leg amputation barely into his 20s, Yukoner Steve Pearson has had more than his share of challenges. But he's ready to prove that those very same challenges have primed him for medieval combat on the world stage.