When did you come face-to-face with race?

The topic of race is a touchy one... but this week on DNTO, we're tackling it head-on. Because even though race differentiates us, and sometimes divides us, it can also bring us together.

DNTO Nov. 16/26

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The topic of race is a touchy one... but this week on DNTO, we're tackling it head-on. Because even though race differentiates us, and sometimes divides us, it can also bring us together.

So let's start the conversation!
Sherwin Sketch.jpg
Artist Sherwin Tjia takes public transit every day. For him, it's a time to sit, reflect, and draw. 
But it was on a rainy afternoon, in a crowded streetcar, that one moment changed the way he saw his fellow passengers - and himself. 

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Ask A Slave is the web series brainchild of actor Azie Dungey. It's based on her experiences working as a living history actor at a plantation museum, where, every day, she stepped in to the role of a housemaid and answered questions in character - as a slave. She'll share some of the more ridiculous questions she was asked, and share what she learned about racism along the way. 

Nicholas Hune-Brownshares the story of how an awkward moment at a packed Toronto Raptors basketball game had him questioning his racial identity and embracing Lin-sanity

Willie O Ree.jpg
Hockey Legend Willy O'Ree was born in 1935 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where he developed his love for hockey - but lacing up his skates wasn't always easy to do. He'll explain what life was like as the first black player in the NHL.

contemplation_small courtesy Pabol Finkelstein.jpg
When you think of Captain America....you probably picture a muscle-y white guy holding a shield. So what happened when  Vishavjit Singha self-described "bearded, skinny Sikh guy", squeezed into that iconic unitard and wandered around New York City for a day? (Photo Courtesy Pablo Finkelstein)

Is it ever OK for a non-native person to wear a headdress? The controversy surrounding "redface" has heated up in recent months - with fashion designers choosing to incorporate Native American symbols in to their clothes. Blogger and academic  Adrienne Keene talks about what happened when she came face-to-face with racial appropriation. 

DNTO producer  Kaj Hasselriisis a world traveller, always searching for his next adventure. So it took him by surprise when he found himself working in Ethiopia - faced with an awkward mix-up that had him wondering: am I accidentally racist? 

Jian Ghomeshi, host of CBC Radio's Q, grew up as one of the few Iranian kids in the mostly white suburb of Thornhill, Ontario. Same with Sook-Yin, who grew up in Lynn Valley, BC. But now that they're both successful broadcasters, do they still feel like outsiders? 

Nile200.jpgNile Seguin is a comedian of French Canadian and Rwandan descent - known for his hilarious one-man-show Fear of a Brown Planet. But when he first got started on stage, he didn't do any race-related material in his act. He'll explain what changed. 

This week's playlist: 

Ndidi Onukwulu - On the Metro
Janelle Monae - Without a Fight
Ohbijou - Balikbayan
Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode
Sam Roberts Band - We're All in This Together
Mark Berube - nother Century
A Tribe Called Red - Electric Powwow Drum
Aqua Alta - Norwegian Jewel
David Bowie - Oh! You Pretty Things
Elvis Costello with The Roots - Refuse to Be Saved


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