We're reeling in all kinds of fish tales

What's your biggest catch? DNTO gets out the bait and goes fishing for tales.
Alan Colley of Aboriginal Eco Tours with one of his fishing students. (Rosie Fernandez/CBC)

We got out the fishing rod... and some bait... and went fishing for stories.

Guess what? We caught some big ones!​

What's the biggest fish you ever caught? We're willing to bet it's not as big as the one Kerrilynn Laing snatched out of a Northwest Territories lake the very first time she fished off a boat.

Kerrilyn Laing's lake trout made newspaper headlines. (courtesy Kerrilyn Laing's scrapbook)
Sook-Yin joins avid fisherman Alan Colley of Aboriginal Eco Tours as he takes a bunch of kids fishing in Toronto's Eglinton Flats. You can hear the amazement as they reel in their first fish.

Lawrence Gunther is the host of Feel the Bite TV and the Blue Fish Radio show, as well as the founder of Blue Fish Canada, a charity dedicated to the future of fish and fishing. He's also Canada's only professional fisher who is blind. Why was Lawrence, as a young boy losing his sight, so drawn to fishing, and how does he know what type of fish is at the end of his line?

Sook-Yin heads to a fresh fish market to speak with a Portuguese Canadian fishmonger who started working in his father's fish store when he was just six years old. Even though he had no choice but to continue the family fish business, he's grown to love his job. 

Not long ago, Jorge Requena was a struggling musician in Mexico City. Then a lonely fish in a glass bowl compelled him to make the biggest leap of his life and start a new chapter in Winnipeg. 

Stacey Marshall-Tabor took her quest to fish all the way to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. (courtesy Stacey Marshall-Tabor)
When Stacey Marshall Tabor applied for a fishing job at her band office in Nova Scotia's Millbrook First Nation, she encountered extreme sexism and gender discrimination. Stacey has spent the last ten years fighting for her right to work on a boat. She took her case to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal and, a few weeks ago, they reached a decision.

When life-long pals Curtis Brown and Chris Fisher went to the World Cup in Brazil last summer, they also made a trek into the jungle. What they fished out of the Amazon frightened them, but it was nothing compared to what they encountered when they set out on a canoe.

Two Scottish sisters recount the fish from their girlhood they'll never forget and then impart some culinary advice. Cod vs. haddock? Find out what gets their thumbs up.

Sook-Yin takes to the streets with her handy dandy microphone and asks a simple question: What's your most memorable encounter with a fish? You'll be surprised by the array of answers. "Everybody has a fish story!"

Sarah and Alec Bradford with their children. (courtesy Sarah Bradford)
When a goldfish at her high school prom accidentally takes a swim in some candle wax, Alex Nursall suddenly finds herself becoming a fish doctor. How do you do CPR on something that swims?

When Sarah Bradford's one-year old son died and her marriage broke up, she hit an all-time low. To find solace, she decided to leave Toronto and take a trip to Montana. There, she tried her hand at something she'd always dreamed of: fly-fishing. 

Kim Wheeler has a fear of fish. In order to fight that fear, Kim puts herself in some fairly strange places, where she comes face to face with what scares her the most. 

​Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby - "Gone Fishin'"
The Beatles - "Octopus's Garden"
Sharon Jones - "Fish in the Dish"
Hey Ocean - "Fish"
Hawksley Workman - "Make Up Your Mind Tonight"
Devin and Khalid - "Fish on a Hook"
Kim Stockwood - "Back to the Water"
SC Mira - "Move Fast"
Hank Williams Jr. - "Montana Song"
Nelly Furtado - "I'm Like a Bird"
Yukon Blonde - "Make You Mine"
Jorge Requena - "Matias"