The pilgrim's journey

With the holiday season upon us, it calls to mind the epic adventure of the pilgrimage: a journey to a place of spiritual significance.
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With the holiday season upon us, it calls to mind the epic adventure of the pilgrimage: a journey to a place of spiritual significance. Whether it's three wise men following a star in the sky, a cross-country road trip to see your favourite band, or a visit to a spiritually potent place... the pilgrim's journey is a transformative experience. So where did your pilgrimage take you?

On this week's show: 
Ziyaad Mia and Sook-Yin Lee. (Rosie Fernandez/CBC)
For Muslims around the world, the ultimate pilgrimage is the one to their spiritual homeland of Mecca. Three million people do it every year. But did you know you can go on a tour bus? We'll talk to Toronto lawyer 
Ziyaad Mia, founder of the charity Give 30, who bought a package deal to Mecca and went on a spiritual ride like no other.

Jenn Grant is an award winning singer-songwriter based in Halifax. Last year, Jenn was headed to play a show in Spain. Just before she left, her mom passed away, leaving Jenn with one promise: "I'll see you there". The resulting album, Compostela, is a beautiful tribute to Jenn's pilgrimage of Spain, exploring the country with her mom's presence by her side. 

Linda Ballantye is the voice of Sailor Moon.
In the late '90's there were a lot of people obsessed with the show Sailor Moon. A fact that Linda
Ballantyne, the voice actor behind the titular blonde heroine, found hard to believe - even though a decade after the program went off the air in Canada she was still getting contacted by super fans... one of whom had a big request!

Not long ago, writer Jane Christmas decided to walk the Caminode Santiago pilgrimage in Northern Spain with 14 other women. But it didn't turn out quite as she had hoped - she'll share how a spiritual journey quickly descended into Mean Girls-meets-Lord of the Flies

Marcia Walker's pilgrimage took her into Karen Blixen's memoir.
A good book can sweep you up and take you to another world. But what happens when you go beyond the page and try to re-create that experience in real life? Marcia Walker shares the story of what happened when she journeyed to the site of Out of Africa, the classic memoir by Karen Blixen. 

Undertaking a long walk is a meaningful tradition for many Aboriginal cultures. So when 18 year old David Kawapit wanted to make a statement to his fellow Cree, he planned a 1500 Km trek. In the middle of a Canadian winter. With a group of kids ages 11 - 22. We'll hear how it went.

When Danielle Nerman was 16, her parents sent her on a youth pilgrimage to Israel. Her dad hoped she would take the opportunity to connect with her Jewish heritage. But before she left, he gave her just one rule: DON'T PIERCE ANYTHING. Naturally Danielle disobeyed, but she didn't anticipate what would happen when she did!

Winnipeg songwriter and musician Scott Nolan is inspired by many people - no one more so than his cousin Patrick, who was a convict at the notorious Folsom State Prison. We'll find out what happened when Scott journeyed to the prison, and what he discovered about himself and his cousin along the way. He'll also perform a song he wrote on his journey, entitled "Visiting Day". 

Following her father's death, blogger Ava Baccari went on a pilgrimage to Jasper, Alberta, to get her picture taken with Jasper the Bear - the same statue her late father posed with 30 years earlier. But Ava soon discovered that this pilgrimage wasn't going to go exactly as planned...

Many families have that one special place - maybe a restaurant, or a park - where they go for special occasions. When author Caroline Woodward was growing up in north eastern B.C. her family had a special spot that they called Eagle Point. But after her brother passed away, their pilgrimage site gained a surprising new significance.

This week's playlist: 
Basia Bulat - "Pilgriming Vine" 
Jenn Grant (live) - "Barcelona"
Lykke Li - "I Follow Rivers"
Stars - "Hold on When You Get Love and Get Love When You Give It" 
Rosie June - "Airport Lines" 
Kae Sun - "When the Pot" 
Sebastien Grainger - "Going With You" 
Scott Nolan (live) - "Visiting Day" 
Aidan Knight - "Jasper"