The day the doll disappeared

Mothering can start early for some. Tyler Clark Burke’s three year old daughter was very nurturing towards her doll from the moment she got her. That is, until Evie the stuffed beaver went missing.
Things just weren't right when Tyler Clark Burke's daughter lost her precious doll Evie. (Tyler Clark Burke)

When Tyler Clark Burke's daughter was nine months old, she had difficulty napping. One day Tyler gave her daughter a beaver doll, explaining that it was also tired and would nap with her. It worked and the two became inseparable. Life carried on, Tyler caring for her daughter and her daughter tending to her doll Evie.

One day that all changed. Evie the beaver doll went missing. Tyler's daughter was distraught. She had nightmares, and blamed herself for losing her beloved doll.

What's a parent to do?

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