#Six new things we learned about Drake

Be prepared for your next Drake themed trivia night with these #six fun facts.
How well do you know your Drake? (Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP)

Be prepared for your next Drake-themed trivia night with these #six fun facts about Aubrey "Drake" Graham, courtesy of DNTO! 

1) Drake will let you off a bad bet. At least, teenage Drake let his Degrassi co-star Shane Kippel off when he lost $600 playing pool. Drake, if you're reading this, Shane says he's ready to pay up.  

2)Drake got fired from his 8th grade musical for skipping rehearsals. He was offered a smaller role instead, but he turned it down. What musical? Fiddler on the Roof. He was going to play Perchick.

3) Drake said Toronto city councilor Norm Kelly is his hero, and has taken to calling him #6Dad. (Drake doesn't enunciate the hashtag, but it's implied). 

4) While he was acting on Degrassi, Drake was known to gravitate towards musicians who appeared on the show - and took every chance he got to ask them for career advice. 

5) Drake has been buried alive. In January 2009 — only a month before his So Far Gone mixtape rocketed him to stardom — Drake was on an episode of the CBC show Being Erica. In the episode "What I Am is What I Am" his character was buried alive as part of a hazing ritual. The amazing thing is he wasn't even the one being hazed! Check out the episode here.  

6) Drake showers like a rap star. He has a quarter of a million dollar "Experience Shower" in his California mansion. What's an "Experience Shower," you ask? Good question. Check out the video below.

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