Coming out to your parents as an alcoholic

Saskatchewan blogger Elan Morgan reveals what happened when she wrote about her addiction to alcohol

Elan Morgan managed to hide a 20-year habit from mom and dad - until a TV news show called

Elan Morgan's parents are in the audience as she tells a packed Saskatoon theatre about being an alcoholic. (Mark Tiu Photography)

Back when barely anyone read blogs, Saskatchewan's Elan Morgan started one.


Over the years, she revealed a lot about herself and developed quite a following.

But she started to realize that she was confessing almost everything except her biggest secret: her addiction to alcohol.

Bravely, Elan put her real name on the blog and told the world about the habit she started when she was just 15 years old.

Two people still didn't know, though, about her blog or her alcoholism: her Mennonite mother and father. 

Until a TV news program phoned Elan and she agreed to be on their show.

On DNTO, in front of a packed Saskatoon theatre, she reveals what happened next.