Definitely Not the Opera

Practice makes Perfect

How a childhood past-time became a career for P.E.I.'s Joe Mahoney.
Joe Mahoney with actor Andrew Gillies during taping of Cold Equations radio drama in CBC's Studio 212 Toronto.

In 1970, Joe was six years old when his father brought home the latest gadget in technology -- a cassette tape recorder. Joe wasted no time in taking ownership of the tape player and began recording everything that happened to him, including family dinners and fights with his younger sister.

But as Joe got older, he spent hours pretending to be a 70s radio DJ, announcing his favourite songs. Needless to say, he has many, many mixed tapes. Joe pulled a few clips from his collection to share on DNTO's home recordings show. 

Thanks to all the hours he taped at home on that machine, Joe ended up working in radio, first as a DJ in Charlottetown, and then as a recording engineer for the CBC.

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