Tie Domi's top 6 NHL dressing room memories

NHL legend Tie Domi spent over 15 years in the league so he's got no shortage of dressing room memories - and he's not afraid to share them.
Former NHL enforcer, Tie Domi, teaches Sook-Yin Lee how to sing a Russian folk song he learned from teammates in the Winnipeg Jets dressing room. 1:20

NHL superstar Tie Domi was known as a bruiser but he also had a reputation as a team builder, especially in the dressing rooms of the three teams he played for -- the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Winnipeg Jets and the New York Rangers.

Here are Domi's six best dressing room memories that he recounted to DNTO host Sook-Yin Lee:

Pole-dancing! Domi loved to entertain teammates by using his hockey stick as a pole and pretending he was a stripper. "I'd call out one of the guys' girlfriends or wives and say their name, just to get one of the guys going," said Domi. "It was just for laughs." He doesn't do it anymore, though. "I can't move my hips like I used to," laughed Domi.

Swearing! "I think it's disrespectful not to talk the language everyone else is talking," explained Domi. So he endeavoured to learn swear words in the mother tongues of all his teammates. Whether in Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Czech or French, "you name it, I know all the best swear words," he said.

Singing! Domi got to know a Russian folk song, too, especially when he played with half a dozen Russians on the Winnipeg Jets. "I actually sang it with all the Russians in the shower," he said. "We had a blast and it was part of building the team there." (Watch the video and you'll know exactly what he's talking about.)

Punking! One of the best pranks played on Domi was by Maple Leafs teammate Kirk Muller. One day, Muller soaked Domi's equipment. To retaliate, Domi grabbed the equipment from Muller's stall and tossed it in the team hot tub. Problem is, Muller had anticipated that move by Domi and switched his equipment for teammate Jamie Baker's. "I threw the other guy's stuff in the hot tub so I got pretty screwed there," said Domi.

Teasing! Back when they both played for the Leafs, Domi and Glenn Healy loved to scrap. Healy would arrive first to the dressing room for every game, hopped up on two coffees. "As soon as I sat down," said Domi, "He'd look at me and say 'Hey f-head'. We'd just go at it non-stop until we went on the ice. Those were special times."

Bruising! Domi's not known as one of the NHL's all-time toughest enforcers for nothing. Back at the New York Rangers training camp in Glens Falls, New York, he and a fellow player scrapped on the ice and got sent back to two separate dressing rooms to cool off. That didn't stop Domi, though. "I walked all the way around the cement with my skates," said Domi. "And went right into the dressing room and beat the you-know-what out of him." You'd think that might get Domi disciplined but what happened was exactly the opposite. "Everybody thought I was nuts so I made the team," he said. "It actually worked out good."


Tie Domi's got plenty more hockey memories in his bestselling new autobiography, Shift Work, and DNTO's got plenty more locker room stories on this week's episode, airing Saturday, Nov. 28 at 3 p.m. on CBC Radio One.