DNTO Live in Vancouver!

Sook-Yin Lee, the DNTO team, and a roster of amazing local storytellers share stories of inspiring objects LIVE at Vancouver's York Theatre.

Originally aired March 28, 2015

Sook-Yin Lee, the DNTO team, and a bunch of amazing local storytellers share stories about inspiring objects LIVE from Vancouver's York Theatre. 

Willow Yamauchi (Wendy D.)
Willow Yamauchi is no stranger to the DNTO airwaves. In fact she is one of our most prolific storytellers. A self-described 'adult child of hippies' who grew up in a rickety houseboat on Desolation Sound, she shares her story of the precious chair she lost as a child and how it miraculously came back in to her life decades later. 

Like many millennialsJason D'Souza got his start as an intern. His gig was a bit more cool than most, though. He landed himself a job working for the BC Lions. Not long into the job he found himself carrying out an unusual assignment that many players credit with helping the team win its most recent Grey Cup.

Christa Couture (Wendy D.)
Singer-songwriter Christa Couture spent seventeen years in Vancouver and she's about to make a big move to the Big Smoke. She is known for making honest, beautiful music that's easy to sway along to. But after losing her left leg following a childhood bout with cancer, she's never been able to dance. Until now, that is.

There's even a special visit from Sook-Yin's Pops, the amazing Leo Lee (her dad) as well as her sister Deanna!

Tojo with Sook-Yin Lee (Thacker/CBC)
Actor, comic and longtime
DNTO favorite Gary Jones remembers being seventeen like it was yesterday. (Or maybe the day before yesterday). He tells the hair-raising tale of his first hour as a teen driver. Let's just say that the story involves platform shoes, Gary's whole family as his passengers and the car going airborne. Get ready for Cannonball Run III - DNTO style!
(Photo Courtesy Canada. Dept. of National Defence/Library and Archives Canada/PA-129070)
Local sushi chef Hidekazu Tojo is well known as the owner of Tojo's restaurant on West Broadway. He's cooked for celebrities from around the world including Harrison Ford, the Rolling Stones and Martha Stewart. DNTO host Sook-Yin Lee jumped at the chance to belly up to Tojo's sushi bar to tap into his encyclopedic knowledge of sushi.
Jordan Klassen (Wendy D.)

Images can be misleading, something Melanie Fahlman-Reid learned after seeing this photograph of her Cree mother-in-law, Mary Reid. The famous World War Two-era snapshot was once said to be an "unidentified Indian princess getting blessing from her chief and father to go fight in the war" - which, Melanie believes, is far from the truth. This story first aired on the fantastic Rain City Chronicles, a series of storytelling nights in Vancouver. 

Plus, tunes from a local rising star -- Jordan Klassen and his band! 

Thanks to EQ3 in Vancouver for supplying classy furniture for our DNTO Live in Vancouver show at the York Theatre.