Day 6

I dream of Raptors: Fans reveal their vivid subconscious encounters with their favourite players

The Toronto Raptors historic championship run has invaded fans sleeping hours, leaving them with dreams of romantic encounters with Kawhi Leonard, dinner dates with Serge Ibaka and conversations with Danny Green over ice cream.

Romance with Kawhi Leonard, dinner with Serge Ibaka and a heart-to-heart with Danny Green over ice cream

Toronto Raptors center Serge Ibaka celebrates after the Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of basketball's NBA Finals in Oakland, Calif. (Tony Avelar/Associated Press)

The Toronto Raptors are officially the 2019 NBA champions, but the road to their victory was paved with stress and no small amount of lost sleep — especially for anxious fans itching for a victory after 25 years in the league.

Still, not all members of Raptors nation were beset by bad dreams throughout the team's historic season.

Some, like CBC Radio producer Elaine Chau, told Day 6 that the run-up to the Raptors' victory over the Golden State Warriors was marked by happy visions of Toronto's NBA team.

Chau said that she had a dream about Danny Green where the now two-time NBA champion took her out for ice cream.

"[He] and I were sitting at the picnic tables outside enjoying our soft-serve ice cream cones and he was giving me instructions on how to be a better three-point shooter, just aiming high with my shots," she said.

"He was just so understanding and looking at me like directly with his eyes — it was just a very ... tender moment."

Digital marketing expert Danielle Eddy said that her dream about Serge Ibaka was influenced by a recent discovery that she's partly of Congolese descent.

"He's very proud of his heritage and he's Congolese as well," she explained.

Eddy dreamt that she and Ibaka immigrated to Canada and started their new lives together, though he was still a famous basketball player.

"From then on I was court-side watching him, cheering him on with his games and it was the two dynamic duo from Congo conquering the whole championship," she explained.

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