Day 6

A pianist's nightmare: Canadian performers react to the loss of Angela Hewitt's piano

This week, legendary pianist Angela Hewitt announced that her prized Fazioli piano had been destroyed in a move. Fellow Canadian pianists reflect on her loss, their relationships with their instruments and their own stories of moves gone awry.

'It's like a dance partner, in a way,' says Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear

Moving a piano can be a stressful experience for its player. (Hakkousei/Shutterstock)

When renowned pianist Angela Hewitt announced on Facebook that her one-of-a-kind Fazioli grand piano was destroyed, she described the instrument as her "best friend."

That's something many pianists can relate to.

"It's like a dance partner, in a way," said Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear. "Even though you may know the moves, every partner is very different and then you adjust to that."

Hewitt's piano was damaged beyond repair when movers dropped the piano, breaking its iron frame and destroying its action.

Moving a piano can be a stressful experience for its player, and nerve-wracking even when the most seasoned movers are in charge.

For some, the risks outweigh the benefits.

"I will not move my piano anymore," said acclaimed pianist Alain Lefèvre. When he relocated his custom Yamaha piano from Canada to Greece, he says it arrived damaged and wrapped in plastic — not the specialized padding he expected.

Several Canadian pianists shared their experiences moving pianos, and the relationship they have with their beloved instruments, on Day 6. 

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