Day 6

Even getting high first can't save Cats, says comedian

After the Washington Post ran a story about all the people who've been smoking pot before watching the film, Mike Rita decided to give it a try.

After a Washington Post story about high movie goers went viral, Mike Rita tried it out

The reviews for Cats have proven to be largely negative. (Universal Pictures)

Originally published Jan. 10, 2020.

Toronto comedian Mike Rita said that watching the movie Cats while high made it better, but "only in the sense that morphine makes dying better." 

A recent Washington Post article told the stories of people who decided to get high before going to see the film, prompting Day 6 to seek out the 420-friendly comedian to see if cannabis redeemed the infamous film.  

"It truly was unnerving," Rita said. 

The movie, with it's star-studded cast covered in CGI fur, is set to lose as much as $100 million US at the box office. 

There were many moments throughout the movie that Rita found bizarre — made even more so due to the weed. 

"The moment that I knew that I was high was when I realized the sizing difference," he said. "You're watching a movie about human cats that are cat-sized in a human world." 

Toronto comedian Mike Rita smoked a joint and went to see Cats in a bid to find out if it made the movie any better. Spoiler alert: the verdict is mixed. (Sarah Jackson/CBC)

Throughout the film he was also left questioning how it even got made in the first place. 

"Didn't anyone watch it at the end and be like, 'Man we gotta make up an excuse like, man, there was a fire that happened and we lost the whole movie,'" he said. 

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