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From 'Barack Don't Crack' to 'Lil Hussein,' the best Obama shows we'll never see on Netflix

Michelle and Barack Obama have signed a multi-year production deal with Netflix. Comedian Jean Paul has some ideas for what they should do with it.

The Obamas have a Netflix deal. Comedian Jean Paul has ideas for what they should do with it

Michelle and Barack Obama have a new deal with Netflix. (Charles Rex Arbogast/Associated Press)

On May 21, Michelle and Barack Obama announced a multi-year production deal with Netflix.

According to a statement from Netflix, the former U.S. president and first lady plan to produce both films and television series for the streaming giant — including the possibility of everything from scripted series and feature films to documentaries and unscripted shows.

Day 6 asked comedian Jean Paul to pitch his top three imaginary TV shows featuring the former first family.

Here are the shows that topped his list:

Political Voice

Political Voice is a reality TV-style show. Four judges try to find young, currently untainted Democratic Party members that have charisma and the potential to be the next Barack Obama.

The winner would automatically get added to the Democratic nomination process to potentially lead the party into the next presidential election against Donald Trump. The winner is also chosen by social media keyboard warriors, undecided voters in the Midwest and people that really hate "the Donald."

The four judges would be captained by Barack Obama along with Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and surprise addition Bernie Sanders.

And you know Carson Daly's backstage host role? That'll go to Kanye West. No way he'd say no to that. He loves being on camera so much, you'd think his last name was Kardashian.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are celebrity judges on Jean Paul's imagined Netflix hit "Political Voice."

Barack Don't Crack

This one is essentially a television show mashup of This Is Us and Extreme Home Makeover. It'll make you cry. It'll make you laugh. But mostly, it'll leave you feeling inspired to make the world a better place.

Picture a home-renovation show where Barack, Michelle and super carpenter Ty Pennington travel through all the blue states finding party supporters that fell on hard times. They repair the structural damage caused not only by home maintenance neglect, but also by the emotional toll of the Hillary Clinton loss.

Ty Pennington takes the ideas and he makes magic happen. And the episode reveal includes Michelle's BFF Oprah Winfrey with her trademark line: "Let's see your brand new house!"

Side note: the show theme is also recorded by Jay-Z and Beyoncé and the song title is 99 Problems But a Ditch Ain't One

Imagine former U.S. President Barack Obama, left, and former first lady Michelle Obama hammering nails and swinging from scaffolding. (Alex Brandon/The Associated Press)

Lil Hussein

Lil Hussein is an animated children's show that follows the adventures of a biracial little boy that was born in Hawaii with the Muslim name whose parents are divorced. Each episode features Lil Hussein caught up in his daydreams with his pet, a potbellied pig named Justice that earns him stares because of his Muslim name, and his best friend Arnie, a recent Austrian immigrant with a thick accent.

Lil Hussein teaches the timeless lessons of "it's okay to be different," "hard work gets results," and that pork really is man's best friend.

What would a TV show about former U.S. President Barack Obama's childhood look like?

24-hour Obama Fortnite Special

I know the production costs on these shows might be a little pricey for the Obamas' budget. If that's the case, I wouldn't be mad at nobody if they just decided to put up a webcam and stream a live feed of the former first family playing Fortnite.

C'mon — think of the cool screen names. Drone Master. Jon Snow 2001. Michelle My Belle. Sasha Fierce. Malarious. Barry White ... 

Do the Obamas play Fortnite in their spare time?

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