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From booing Lady Gaga to Belichick's hoodie: Here are the craziest things you can bet on at the Super Bowl

Super Bowl LI is this Sunday in Houston. For many people, it's all about the halftime show, the TV ads, and the spectacle. For gamblers, those sidebar events have led to some of the oddest proposition bets known to sport. From the colour of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach to Lady Gaga's song list, football blogger Adam Hermann lists his prop bet highlight reel.
The Atlanta Falcons look for their first NFL championship title this weekend, while the New England Patriots seek their fifth. (Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports/Reuters)

Houston will play host to Super Bowl LI on Sunday, and believe it or not, there will be a football game — at some point.

But for many, the actual sport falls secondary to the ads, half-time show, and the spectacle. And since the Super Bowl is one of the world's most wagered-on sports events, it's not surprising that there are bets on absurd propositions.

Adam Hermann, a Philadelphia-based reporter and the managing editor of the Eagles blog "Bleeding Green Nation." He walks us through his top bets ahead of this Sunday's big game.

Here are his highlights:

American country singer Luke Bryan sporting his signature blue jeans (Getty)

Luke Bryan's outfit 

  • Blue jeans
  • Literally any other pants 

Adam Hermann: This is a super American one. I'm absolutely betting he wears blue jeans, I mean this is America. It's the Super Bowl. Football is as American as it gets. Blue jeans and pickup trucks forever.

Bill Belichick's hoodie

  • Blue 
  • Grey 
  • Red 
  • Any other colour

AH: I have to take the blue sweatshirt here ... It's the Super Bowl so he has to get just a little classier than a grey sweatshirt, right?

Patriots coach Bill Belichick is keen on the essentials, including a grey hoodie. But will he dress it up on Sunday? (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

References to "deflategate"

  • Over/under: 4.5

AH: I'm going to take the under, just because I'm pretty sure no one wants to keep talking about deflated balls. Especially in front of their families on Sunday.

Football blogger Adam Whermann hopes talk of the 2015 deflategate controversy is a thing of the past (Associated Press)

Streaking fans

  • Odds: 4:1

AH: Honestly, that seems much higher than I would expect. I mean, can you imagine trying to get past the security guards they hire for the Super Bowl? This is a big day for them too; they're going to destroy you. No thanks, I'll stay in my $7,000 seat.

Booing Gaga

  • Odds that Lady Gaga will be booed during her performance: 9:1

AH: I'm offended by those odds! I'm a secret Lady Gaga fan. I don't know if there are many crossover football and Lady Gaga fans, but I'll defend her forever. Don't you dare boo Lady Gaga, Houston!

One expert hopes Lady Gaga's halftime performance this Sunday lives up to the hype of previous Super Bowls, like last year's featuring Coldplay and Beyonce (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Technical issues

  • Microsoft tablet will malfunction
  • Microsoft tablet will not malfunction

AH: As someone who's never owned a Windows PC, I love this one. I know they probably have their software updated, but when's the last time you used something running Windows and you didn't have something go horribly wrong? I'd bet it happens.

Gisele obsession, anyone?

  • Over/under: 1.5

AH: We've all seen this before. The line is just one and a half, but you know – you know – that if it's a close game, we'll see her face probably a half dozen times. TV producers just love that reaction shot.

Rob Gronkowski and the New England Patriots face off against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday (Jim Rogash/Getty)

Trump parody commercials

  • Over/under: 1.5

AH: The line is just one and a half. One and a half?! Only two commercials in a four hour broadcast and I win money? That's a no-brainer. You can make fun of literally anything about [U.S. President Donald Trump]. He's the biggest target since Rob Gronkowski.

Victory Gatorade colour

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Water
  • None

AH: I'm going to go with orange. It's my favourite Gatorade flavour. I like to imagine everyone else realizes it's the best. Plus, blue and orange [are] complementary colours, so the Patriots would be set.

If the Patriots win Super Bowl LI this weekend, it will be the seventh time coach Bill Belichick will hoist the Vince Lombardi trophy (Christian Petersen/Getty Images )

NFL champions

  • Atlanta Falcons
  • New England Patriots 

AH: I'm pulling for the Falcons because I've seen the Patriots win one too many times – including the last time the Eagles made the Super Bowl. So let's say Atlanta wins.

BONUS: Next year's prospects?

AH: As an Eagles fan, I think [the Philadelphia Eagles'] chances next year are about what they've been the last decade-plus.

Sound familiar, Maple Leafs fans?