Day 6

Day 6 Encore: Why do we love superheroes so much?

The appeal of superheroes is enduring and undeniable. And Robin Rosenberg has given a lot of thought to why that is. She's a clinical psychologist and the editor of "Our Superheroes, Ourselves." Chris Pollak is a real-life superhero who teaches martial arts by day and patrols the streets of Brooklyn by night, as his costumed alter ego, Dark Guardian.

This week saw the release of the Wonder Woman trailer and Suicide Squad hits theatres next Friday.

It's no longer surprising that superhero franchises are taking over the film industry.  This year alone featured the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeCaptain AmericaX-Men, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

In March, Brent spoke to Clinical Psychologist Robin Rosenberg, who studies why we love superheroes so much and what they do for us.

She's the editor of Our Superheroes, Ourselves and she thinks there's more to our relationship with the caped crusaders than action figures and fight sequences.

Bad guys as good guys? Or just bad guys being bad? The anti-hero film, Suicide Squad comes out August 5 in theatres across Canada. (DC Entertainment)

We also hear from Chris Pollak. His relationship to superheroes is closer than most. Pollack is a so-called 'Real Life Superhero'. He teaches martial arts by day and patrols the streets of Brooklyn by night as his costumed alter ego "Dark Guardian."