Day 6

The Avalanches made the most sample-dense record in history. Then they took 16 years to make a follow-up

In 2000, the Australian DJ crew The Avalanches released their debut album "Since I Left You." It contained a jaw-dropping 3,000 samples and is thought to be the most sample-dense album ever recorded. This week, they're back with their follow-up "Wildflower." Pitchfork contributor Jonny Coleman tells us what they have up their sleeves this time, and whether you should listen.

We can't blame you if you've never heard of Australian DJ group The Avalanches.

It has, after all, been 16 years since they last released an album.

That album, Since I Left You, was a landmark in electronic music. Containing an estimated 3,500 samples -- bits and pieces of sound from others sources -- Since I Left You is thought to be one of the most sample-dense albums ever. And it's also considered one of the best albums to ever come out of Australia.

So why did it take so long for a follow-up?

Freelance writer and music supervisor Jonny Coleman recently interviewed The Avalanches for Pitchfork, and he says there are a number of reasons why it took The Avalanches 16 years to release their new album, Wildflower.

One of those reasons was the difficulties involved in getting the rights to use samples in their work.

"There were a bunch of snags throughout the process of making Wildflower, but one in particular [was] trying to clear the samples for a song called "The Noisy Eater", because it contained a Beatles sample in there."

The Avalanches were eventually able to get the rights, after some negotiating, but when you're talking about hundreds (if not thousands) of samples, you begin to see why it might have taken so many years to release the album.

On this week's episode, Coleman gives a little background on The Avalanches, and his take on the new album. (SPOILER: He digs it.)

After you've listened to the interview, take a look at some of the videos The Avalanches have released that accompany Wildflower.

To read Jonny Coleman's interview with The Avalanches, click here.