Day 6

Should I Eat It? Saying yes to bread, fat and salt

Day 6's food columnist, David Sax, takes Brent through Toronto's Kensington Market to look at how the pendulum is swinging back towards animal fat, bread and salt, three foods that were once thought to be bad for us.
(From top left) Lardo, cured Italian pork fat from Toronto's Sanagan's Meat Locker; naturally leavened sourdough bread from Toronto's Blackbird Baking Co.; Brent and David's vice to virtue creation: an open-faced tomato and lardo sandwich, sprinkled with organic French sea salt. (David Sax)

Day 6 food columnist David Sax says it's time to stop demonizing gluten, salt and animal fats. He takes host Brent Bambury on a tour of Toronto's Kensington Market in a bid to convince him that bread, sea salt and pork fat should have a place in a healthy diet in this Vice to Virtue edition of Should I Eat It?

Day 6 host Brent Bambury with food columnist David Sax. (Beza Seife)