Day 6

Google, meet El Paquete Semanale: Cuba's underground 'offline internet'

Google announced plans this week to bring high-speed internet to Cuba, where only up to 25 per cent of residents have internet access. But that doesn't mean they don't have the internet, thanks to a secret underground system.
A street vendor browsers on her smart phone as she waits for customers in Havana, Cuba. (The Associated Press/Ramon Espanosa)

Not only did President Barack Obama visit Cuba this week, but Google also promised it would bring high-speed internet to the island.

Currently, only about one in four Cubans has internet access. 

  But that doesn't mean Cubans don't get to see the latest episode of House of Cards — thanks to an underground system called "El Paquete Semanal."

"Lately I've been watching House of Cards, Game of Thrones, The Revenant, Mad Max," says Ariel Causa, a Cuban living in Havana

We spoke to several people about El Paquete Semanal, a curated version of the web delivered weekly through an underground system to Cubans, and what might be lost if it disappears when Google takes over.