Day 6

UN calls refugee situation in Europe a "self-induced humanitarian crisis"

Brent talks to Maya Konforti, with L'Auberge des Migrants, on the situation in Calais, France, where police and refugees clashed this week. He also speaks to UNHCR's Adrian Edwards, who says the refugee situation is largely a "self-induced humanitarian crisis."
A migrant walks past a burning makeshift shelter set ablaze in protest against the partial dismantlement of the camp - Calais, France, February 29, 2016. REUTERS/Pascal Rossignol (Pascal Rossignol/Reuters)


This week, European authorities near Calais, France started dismantling the notorious makeshift "Jungle" refugee camp. It sparked one of two clashes this week between European authorities and refugees. 

Solving Europe's refugees and migrants situation and preventing a new crisis in Greece requires a number of clear actions.Adrian Edwards, UNHCR spokesperson

Brent Bambury speaks with Maya Konforti of Auberge des Migrants for her on the ground insight into the Calais camp refugee clashes. We're also joined by UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards on the situation at the Greece-Macedonia border. Overall, Edwards calls the refugee issue in Europe a "largely self-induced humanitarian crisis" that won't get any better if European countries continue along the path of not cooperating.