Day 6

Does the Rolling Stones' show in Havana represent a landmark moment in Cuban history?

This weekend, Major Lazer will hit the stage in Havana, Cuba — and on Tuesday, the Rolling Stones announced their own free show in Havana at the end of March. Brent speaks with writer Judy Cantor-Navas about the influx of big-name international acts in Cuba, and why they are being lauded as a watershed moment in the country's history.
Mick Jagger (R) and Keith Richards(L) perform during the Rolling Stones' "A Bigger Bang" free concert. February 18, 2006. - RTXO9NL (Reuters)

On March 1, the Rolling Stones announced plans to play a free "landmark" concert in Havana — the biggest act to play Cuba since the 1959 revolution. The Stones show will follow on the heels of a massive free concert by Major Lazer, who are set to perform in Havana this weekend. The influx of big-name acts in the country is being lauded as a watershed moment in Cuba's history.

Brent speaks with Billboard writer Judy Cantor-Navas about the significance of this moment in Cuba's history — and how much is changing for the musicians inside Cuba.

Listen to X Alfonso's Domino

Here are some other Cuban artists that may gain fans stateside due to changes in American-Cuban policy. 

Los Aldeanos 

Carlos Varela


Haydee Milanes