Day 6

Activist Maurice Tomlinson on challenging Jamaica's anti-gay laws

Maurice Tomlinson, gay rights activist and senior legal counsel with the HIV/AIDS Legal Network in Toronto, tells Brent about his historic constitutional challenge to overturn Jamaica’s anti-homosexuality laws.
Maurice Tomlinson, a Toronto-­based lawyer and gay rights activist from Jamaica. (Marnie Luke/CBC)

Tuesday marked the start of Canadian-based lawyer Maurice Tomlinson's historic constitutional challenge to overturn Jamaica's harsh anti-homosexuality laws. He tells Brent why death threats and personal safety risks won't deter him from this case and what impact he hopes it will have in Jamaica and across the Caribbean.

The laws of Jamaica that criminalize consensual sexual intimacy between men essentially render me an un-apprehended criminal.- Maurice Tomlinson

In Jamaica, men who have sex are labelled 'sex offenders' - facing up to ten years in prison with hard labour, and required to carry a pass at all times.