Day 6

The best worst love songs of all time, our music panel dives into the gush

What are the best worst love songs of all time? And, what are the ingredients that make a bad love song so damn good? Our music panel joins Brent to discuss these and other existential questions.
  In honour of this Valentine's Day weekend, perhaps the only time of year you're allowed to unselfconsciously press play on certain songs, we ask what is the best worst love song of all time? And, what makes a bad love song so damn good? 

Listeners, you nominated Meatloaf's I'd Do Anything For Love, Shania Twain's Forever and For Always, etc.

  We also ask our esteemed panel of music critics to wear their heart on their sleeve and admit to the love song they hate to love. Brents talks to  Maura Johnston, editor of Maura Magazine, music writer  Andrea Warner, and musicologist  Nate Sloan.

Here's their selection. Can you guess who picked which song?

Who picked Dan Hill's Sometimes When We Touch?

Or Seal's Kiss From A Rose?

Air Supply's Even The Nights Are Better?