Day 6

"Jane" says the Ghomeshi trial validates her decision to not report her sexual assault

One woman says the Ghomeshi trial reinforces why she did not disclose her own sexual assault. She speaks to Brent about why the Jian Ghomeshi trial reinforced her decision not to come forward as a victim of sexual assault.
Artist's sketch of closing arguments at Jian Ghomeshi's sexual assault trial in Toronto on February 11, 2016. Alexandra Newbould/Canadian Press (Alexandra Newbould/Canadian Press)

The sexual assault trial of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi wrapped this week. The judge says he will reserve judgment until March 24. During the trial, the defence raised questions about the complainants' testimony. That raised concerns about whether the trial might deter women from reporting sexual assault. According to a 2012 study based on Statistics Canada data, less than five per cent of all sexual assaults are reported to police. 

Brent speaks with "Jane," who decided not to press charges after she was sexually assaulted. She says that in light of the Ghomeshi trial, she thinks she made the right decision. We're withholding her real name to protect her identity.