Day 6

Why Woody Guthrie hated Donald Trump's dad

In 1950, American folk legend Woody Guthrie signed a lease in an apartment complex in Brooklyn. His landlord was Donald Trump's father. Brent speaks to professor Will Kaufman, who has discovered never-before published writings in which Guthrie criticizes the racist foundations of Fred Trump's real estate empire.
Oklahoma-born folk singer Woody Guthrie, circa 1943. (Courtesy of the Woody Guthrie Archives) (The Associated Press)

American folk legend Woody Guthrie is well-known for his social commentary. Now, in the run-up to the Republican Presidential nomination, that commentary is taking on new meaning. In 1950, Guthrie signed a lease in a Brooklyn apartment complex. His landlord was Donald Trump's father, real estate mogul Fred Trump.

Brent speaks to University of Central Lancashire professor Will Kaufman, who discovered never-before published writings and lyrics in which Woody Guthrie calls out Fred Trump — whom he had nicknamed 'Old Man Trump' — for what he saw as the racist foundations of his real estate empire.

For more excerpts from Woody Guthrie's notebooks about Fred Trump, you can check out Kaufman's article.