Day 6

School shooting in La Loche leaves a community reeling

Bruce Ruelling counts his family among the lucky ones after his two grandchildren survived the deadly school shooting at the La Loche Community School in La Loche, Saskatchewan.
La Loche Community School is shown in an undated photo. (CP) (Canadian Press)

Fewer than three-thousand people live in La Loche, Saskatchewan, a Dene town north of Saskatoon. On Friday afternoon the RCMP received a call from La Loche Community School just after 1 p.m. local time. An active shooter was in the school. By the time the shooter was apprehended, 4 people were dead. Today the small, close-knit town is trying to understand the circumstances that led to so many dead and wounded. Bruce Ruhling has 2 grandchildren at the Dene high school which was under lockdown for several hours on Friday. Brent spoke to him on Friday night.