Day 6

Cauliflower's rise and fall

What do weather patterns, foodies, and the weak Canadian dollar all have in common? They've all conspired to catapult prices for the lowly cauliflower to their highest in years, double where they were just months ago. We look at the cauliflower shortage from the field to the table.
The price of cauliflower is $8 a head at some Ottawa grocery stores. (Stu Mills/CBC)

A shortage of cauliflower saw the trendy vegetable's price in Canada soaring in recent weeks. This week, the story made headlines everywhere from the Globe and Mail to the New York Times, before the prices came back down. For a field-to-table look at the great cauliflower crisis of 2016, Day 6 checked in with our food columnist David Sax, author of The Tastemakers, Paul Luksha of Hillside Gardens, Anthony Rose, owner of Fat Pasha and many other Toronto restaurants, and Mike Von Massow of the University of Guelph, co-author of the Food Institute's Food Prices Report 2016.