Day 6

How big data might decide the election

How political parties are using the data they've collected on you to win votes.
Canadians have posted election results on Twitter prior to the closure of polls across the country.

Canadians are about to go to the polls after a grueling 11-week campaign. The candidates have thrown everything they've got at their opponents - knocking on voters' doors, blasting out TV ads, and raising the roof at their rallies, but all along, an invisible battle has been raging - one that might just decide the election. The real ground war of 2015 could be all about information. Ever since the Democrats' mastery of Big Data helped lead Barack Obama to victory in the last two U.S. elections - there's been a clear message for campaigns: the winner will be the party with the best grasp of who you are as a voter - and how to make sure you get out and vote. For a look at how information technology has changed the game in 2015, Brent is joined by Glen McGregor, an Ottawa Citizen national affairs reporter specializing in data journalism.