Day 6

The case for negotiating with terrorists

Brent talks to author Jonathan Powell about why he believes we must be prepared to negotiate with groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS in order to resolve the Syrian refugee crisis.
A man loyal to ISIS is seen in this June 29, 2014 file photo. (Reuters)

As outrage grows over the Syrian refugee crisis, many governments continue to debate how many refugees they will take in. Meanwhile, Hungary's Prime Minister has announced that as of next week anyone entering that country illegally will be arrested.

But what will it take to address the violence from which Syrians are fleeing?

Brent talks to Jonathan Powell, author of "Terrorists at the Table: Why Negotiating Is the Only Way to Peace." From 1997 to 2007, Powell was Chief of Staff for Tony Blair and the chief British negotiator on Northern Ireland. He's currently the UK's special envoy to Libya.