Day 6

Home vs. classroom: where should kids learn sex-ed?

Why Ontario's revised sex-ed curriculum is pushing some parents to home school their kids, while others warn of the dangers. Brent talks to two parents about their different experiences.
(Jo-Lynn Sheane/CBC)

Who should teach kids sex-ed? Are children learning too much, to soon?

These are questions that parents, kids, and educators are debating across the country. In Ontario, some parents feel the province's new sex-ed curriculum is so controversial they have decided to home school their children. But not everyone thinks home schooling is the answer.

Brent talks to Nikee Steinhoff about her decision to home school two of her kids, ages 4 and 6, in London, Ontario. And we hear from Lyz Lenz, an Iowa mother of two who says home schooling left her feeling ashamed and uninformed about her sexuality.

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