Day 6

Stories from the darkroom: turning the lights out at Blacks

As Blacks Photography stores prepare to close across Canada, Day 6 producer Beza Seife brings us stories from the people who worked in Blacks' darkrooms.
A man walks past a Blacks photo store in Ottawa on Tuesday, June 9, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang (Justin Tang/Canadian Press)

After 85 years in the biz, Blacks Photography is closing down the last of its stores. The company says the business just wasn't able to stay profitable as more and more people rely on their smartphones to capture their memories. The move puts 485 employees out of work. These people looked at hundreds of photos everyday, and the experience gave them a unique perspective on how we lived our lives. Listen to some of their stories, in this documentary by Day 6 producer Beza Seife.