Day 6

Should we create a new country solely for refugees?

San Francisco-based real estate investor Jason Buzi defends his proposal to solve the world's refugee crisis by creating a new country to house them all.
Migrants sit in a boat during a rescue operation by Italian navy off the coast of the south of the Italian island of Sicily in this November 28, 2013. REUTERS/Marina Militare/Handout via Reuters (Marina Militare/Reuters)

This week, French police announced that another man has been killed trying to enter the Channel Tunnel to get to England. Tunnel operators say they block hundreds of such attempts every day. And almost 2,000 people are believed to have died crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe this year. In total, it's estimated that there are 60 million displaced people worldwide.

American real estate investor Jason Buzi wants to help solve the problem. His plan is called "Refugee Nation" and the idea is to create a brand-new country for the world's refugees. But his critics worry it could become a type of prison camp or detention centre. Day 6 spoke with Jason Buzi from San Francisco.