Day 6

Sticking it to your bad neighbour

Dealing with a problem neighbour is never easy... but Sean Mayers has a creative solution: Bad Neighbour Notes.
Sean Mayers was inspired by his own neighbours to start Bad Neighbour Notes. (Bad Neighbour Notes/Kickstarter)

It's summertime and that means we're all doing a lot more outdoor living... and with the heat can come rising tension between neighbours. There are boozy backyard barbecues that stretch late into the night, and then there's that one guy on every block who fires up his lawn-mower at dawn.

There were even news reports this week about a couple in Kanata, Ontario who ran afoul of their neighbours. Their infraction? Planting a front-yard garden. Some anonymous tipster called in the city on Shannon Lough and her garden, leaving her with the option of moving it or getting fined. To some, calling the city may seem like overkill, but it's never easy dealing with a neighbour you think has crossed the line. Well, one Toronto entrepreneur has an idea.

Sean Mayers is the creator of something he calls "Bad Neighbour Notes" which in his words are "passive-aggressive anonymous fun".

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