Day 6

Parkour prison break consultants

After two murderers escaped from a New York prison this weekend, we speak to a man who gets paid to break out of prison. Dan Edwardes is the founder of Parkour Generations, whose tactical division uses a military-style technique to break in and out of secure buildings.

Last weekend, two convicted killers escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate New York, using power tools and making their way through system of pipes and tunnels. At air-time, a manhunt was ongoing to get them back behind bars. 

Dan Edwardes, on the other hand, is supposed to break out of prisons. He's the founder of Parkour Generations. Parkour is a visually striking technique that evolved from military training exercises. Its practioners run up walls, flip around flagpoles and shimmy up drainpipes with an agility that seems to defy gravity.

Facilities hire Dan and his tactical team to use their parkour skills in finding unanticipated ways to get out of - or into - secure spaces.