Day 6

Unionizing fitness workers

Canada's GoodLife Fitness hopes to be the largest fitness club chain in the world. But some employees say life isn't so good for them, so they're trying to form a union.
Taryn Yurkoeih, a personal trainer at Goodlife Fitness in Toronto's ScotiaPlaza, throws the medicine ball to fellow trainer Karl Dyer, not seen (CP PHOTO/J.P. Moczulski) (The Canadian Press)

GoodLife Fitness is the hands-down biggest gym chain in Canada, and it's gunning to be the largest fitness chain in the world. The company has already bought up rival fitness chains like Extreme Fitness, and most recently, GoodLife's CEO David Patchell-Evans said the company wants to keep growing by opening fitness centres in former Target store locations.

But in Toronto, where GoodLife has more locations than anywhere in Canada, some employees say life working there isn't so good for them. So they're trying to form a union.  They want fewer restrictions on the work they do outside the company, more working hours, compensation if they get injured, and more. We hear from former GoodLife Fitness instructor Scott Robinson, Workers United Canada union organizer Tanya Ferguson, and Alana Free, Vice President of People and Culture for Goodlife Fitness.