Day 6

Michael Winterbottom on "The Face of an Angel" (encore)

Michael Winterbottom on his newly released film, The Face of an Angel. Inspired by the notorious Amanda Knox case, the fictional film explores our fascination with murder and the ways in which the media covers salacious stories.
Screen shot from Michael Winterbottom's new film The Face of an Angel, inspired by the Amanda Knox story. (TIFF)

Director Michael Winterbottom is known for his unorthodox approach to adapting true stories for the big screen in diverse films including "24-Hour Party People", "The Road to Guantanamo," and "The Trip". This week, Winterbottom's latest hits theatres. "The Face of an Angel" is a fictionalized version of the story of Amanda Knox - the American woman who was convicted of murder in Italy. She served four years in prison until she was cleared of all charges by an Italian court of appeal this March. Michael Winterbottom spoke to Brent Bambury last September during the Toronto International Film Festival.