Day 6

Danny Williams: "Stephen Harper is a nasty man."

Former Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams on the documentary "Danny", fighting, and what really happened behind closed doors when he took on two Prime Ministers. (Spoiler: it wasn't pretty.)
Danny Williams talks on the phone in his office in St. John's in this undated handout photo. The new documentary film "Danny" is more than a showcase of the life and fights of Newfoundland and Labrador's still hugely popular former premier, Danny Williams. (The Canadian Press)

"You're messing with the wrong guy." 

Former Premier Danny Williams is famous for taking on "big oil", two Prime Ministers, and for turning around the economies of Newfoundland and Labrador. The documentary Dannyscreening at the 2015 Hot Docs festival this month, chronicles his eventful and controversial time in office and the people that influenced his fighting spirit. Danny Williams talks to Brent about some of key stories from the film, and doesn't hold back when reflecting on his confrontation with Stephen Harper.