Day 6

Will the Supreme Court legalize edible medical marijuana?

Canada's top court heard its first-ever arguments on medical marijuana this week, on the question of whether products made from marijuana extracts should be legal.
An instant brownie mix by Blazin' Brownies sits on display during the Champs Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014. ( Jacob Kepler/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

On Friday morning in Ottawa, the Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments on legalizing extracts for medical marijuana users. Authorized users can now only legally consume dried marijuana plants. Anything made with an extract - from brownies and cookies to teas or topical creams - is illegal. Owen Smith of the Cannabis Buyers Club of Canada was arrested in Victoria in 2009 with a batch of cookies in the oven. He's been acquitted by British Columbia's highest courts, who ordered the government to change the laws around extracts. The government has taken its case to the Supreme Court this week. Smith and his lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, discussed their case after appearing before the highest court in the land on Friday.