Day 6

ISIS, the Koran and apocalyptic theology

Atlantic writer and Yale political science lecturer Graeme Wood on the Islamic State's apocalyptic theology, where it originated, and how it can help predict what ISIS will do next.
Islamic State militants march in Ar-Raqqah, Syria.

This week we learned that six young Quebecers recently flew to Turkey on their way to join the Islamic State in Syria, and that a young Canadian woman left to join ISIS last summer, allegedly recruited by a woman in Edmonton. The lure of the terror group known for beheadings and enslavement is confounding to most, but a new article in The Atlantic magazine called "What ISIS Really Wants" says that their actions are explainable and that they derive from deep theological underpinnings rooted in Islamic texts, including the Koran. Atlantic contributing editor and Yale political science lecturer Graeme Wood breaks down his understanding of the ISIS ideology, and some of the criticism his article has received.