Day 6

Episode 131: Crack Allegations: Is Ford Teflon?, Surviving Oklahoma Tornado, Nosodes aka Vaccine Alternatives and more

Will Rob Ford Survive Crack Allegations Tornado's Deadly Destruction Senate Abolition Pro and Con Nosodes and Public Health Scripps' Rule Changes Xbox One and Your Dad...
Will Rob Ford Survive Crack Allegations | Tornado's Deadly Destruction | Senate Abolition Pro and Con | Nosodes and Public Health | Scripps' Rule Changes | Xbox One and Your Dad

fordshrug_pub.jpg He finally spoke. And he said the allegations are not true.

Since allegations of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's drug use exploded nine days ago, Ford has refused questions and made no statement beyond initial remarks that some found vague.

There were developments. The mayor's allies pressed him to address the situation, while his brother backed his decision to remain unavailable. Meanwhile, the story of an alleged cracked out mayor went international, popping up in late-night TV monologues.

On Thursday, to the astonishment of reporters waiting for a statement, Ford fired his chief of staff, and by week's end, even Ford's most ardent supporters were urging him to get help. He remained silent.

Then late Friday afternoon Rob Ford faced the media and made this statement.

John Tory,  business leader, Conservative, radio-show host and city hall watcher knows Rob Ford and witnessed his unlikely rise to power. We'll ask him if he thinks Ford is home free.

tornado11111_publish.jpgOklahoma's Terror

The tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma on Monday afternoon killed 24 people, two of them infants. The funnel grew in power as it traveled across 27 km destroying homes, schools and entire neighbourhoods.

When it peaked, the tornado had revved itself into the highest category of these killer storms, an EF-5.

Abby Wendle and Sarah Geis of This Land Press, visited Moore the day after the killer tornado and talked to survivors about the worst of the four tornadoes that hit the are since 1999.

stopnosodes_pub.jpgNo Go on Nosodes

Nosodes are homeopathic products which some people use as alternatives to vaccines. Over 100 nosodes have been approved for use by Health Canada. 

Now some physicians think nosodes might be playing a role in reducing the country's herd immunity and want Health Canada to revoke their approval.

When we talked to people from the homeopathic industry for this story, they denied nosodes are considered a vaccine alternative. But you can see how they're marketed that way here and here.

Dr. Lloyd Oppel is the Chair of the British Columbia Medical Association Council on Health Promotion. He published an article in this month's BC Medical Journal, accusing Health Canada of 'diluting its standards' by approving nosodes.

We'll talk to him and then tell you about the problems we had getting a guest from the opposing side.

seante_pub.jpgSenate Snag

A scandal that started over the expense claims of Harper appointed Senators has spread to the Prime Minister's Office and challenges the managerial skills of the Prime Minister himself. Some say it's the darkest hour for Stephen Harper's government.

There's irony that the whole mess began in the institution the Reform Party wanted abolished. The Canadian Senate has long been an irritant to those who find it undemocratic, overly expensive, or not representative. Now the NDP has taken up the cause of abolition.

In spite of everything, the institution has its defenders. We'll hear from one of them and from another who wants the Red Chamber red-lined.

spelling_pub.jpgScripps' Switcheroo

The Scripps Spelling Bee pulled a fast one this year and changed the rules introducing vocabulary to the competition. It rattled some of the young contestants but they're game. After all, they call themselves word nerds.

11-year old Vanya Shivishankar is off to her 3rd Scripps event next week, last year she tied for tenth place. She tells us how she prepared for the change and we talk to Emily Stagg, who was featured in the documentary Spellbound when she was a kid. She called for Scripps to incorporate vocab back in 2006.

xbox_pub.jpgXbox One and Your Dad

It's not even on sale yet but Microsoft think they've got a killer app with the Xbox One.

The next generation of game console promises to converge all your media and online needs AND be the hottest gaming platform ever. Bet you can't wait to pay the undisclosed price.

You gonna ask your Dad for the dough? He's got it. He's already shilling for Microsoft. Day 6 contributors Simon Pond and Aaron Hagey-Mackay imagine an X-Box One ad written by your dad.

It's our final show for May. We're back in June with another goblet of Saturday goodness. See you then.

Brent Bambury, @CBCDay6

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